How can i fix failure 78754

I am trying to mix up Outlook with my Gmail account. However, I continuously receiving an error message as IMAPhường server error 78754. I changed the settings khổng lồ “allow less secure apps lớn access the account” but, no change has been noticed. Please help!

At, we often get requests from our customers lớn fix IMAPhường server error 78754 as part of our Server Management Services

Unfortunately, when the IMAPhường. is not enabled for the Gmail trương mục, this error 78754​ occurs on the gmail client.

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Today, let’s get inkhổng lồ the details on how our Support Engineers fix Outlook Gmail IMAPhường Error 78754.

The top reasons for Error 78754: Failure

Usually, this error 78754 may be experienced by Google Mail subscribers on Outlook. The Gmail users may get the following error while trying to lớn log inlớn the email trương mục via Outlook.


Why this error?

Often, the basic reason for this error is incorrect log-in details. Sometimes, this can be happening by typo error or due lớn suspicious log-in is detected by Google. At that time the password supplied by a user is not recognized by the Gmail VPS.

In addition, this error may happen when a user is trying khổng lồ access his trương mục from a new device or location.

The other reasons for error 78754 include,

Misconfiguration of Microsoft OutlookIncorrect IMAPhường configuration or IMAPhường not enabledNeed an app-specific password instead of regular passwordOutdated Thư điện tử Client.Allow less secure apps associated option was disabled for the Gmail account

IMAPhường. hệ thống error 78754 – The related errors và fixes

At, where we have more than a decade of expertise in managing servers, we see many customers face problems while managing the mail servers.

Now, let’s see the major reasons for this mail VPS related errors & how our Support Engineers fix the top errors.

1. IMAP. not enabled

Recently, one of our customers had a problem with his gmail VPS và email client. He received an error like Outlook Gmail IMAPhường Error 78754 while trying to lớn sync Outlook to the Gmail account.

On checking, our Support Engineers found that the IMAP option was not enabled for the Gmail account. So, we took the following steps to lớn enable the IMAP.. for Gmail tài khoản.

1. Initially, we signed into the Gmail tài khoản và clichồng on the gear icon located at the top right-h& side corner >> Choose the option of Settings.

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2. Then, we selected the option of Forwarding and POP/IMAP và enable the radio button next to IMAP.


3. And, we clicked on the Save button.

4. After that, we entered https://mytrương mụ in the address bar(Login to lớn Gmail with the details). And, we enabled the option of Allow less secure apps.

That’s it!. Making these changes fixed the error & he could sync Outlook with the Gmail account.

2. Bad Outlook configuration

Sometimes, the improper configuration of the MS Outlook trương mục may also be the reason for the 78754 failure in Outlook 2013 & other versions. So, we’ll provide assistance khổng lồ our customers for the proper configuration of IMAP..

Mainly, while configuring the Outlook, we suggest our customers use the following settings in More Settings option to eliminate Outlook Gmail IMAPhường. error 78754.

For that, we navigate khổng lồ the More Settings >> Outgoing Server tab and select the option of My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

Then, in the Advanced tab, we phối as follows.

Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL (for both incoming server IMAP. & Outgoing IMAP).Port number for Outgoing Server IMAP: 465

Finally, we save sầu the changes.

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In short, IMAP server error 78754 can occur due lớn the misconfiguration of Microsoft Outlook, incorrect IMAPhường configuration or when IMAPhường is not enabled. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers to fix IMAPhường VPS error 78754.

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