Add image and hyperlink to gmail signature

Your email signature is an important part of both your day-to-day communications and your larger sales & kinh doanh campaigns. Not only does it provide your recipients with information about you và how lớn get in touch, but it also has the potential lớn leave an impression about your brvà.

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Adding an image is a big part of this, & thankfully, Gmail makes it pretty easy for you.

Why Should You Add an Image to lớn Your Email Signature?

What you include in your tin nhắn signature will speak volumes about who you are as a company and/or individual. The primary purpose of an gmail signature is to provide your recipient with your relevant contact details, but an image can enhance the overall look of it.

For starters, it can help to lớn establish brvà cohesion. By including a company logo sản phẩm or banner, you can tie in your gmail communications with the rest of your sale collateral.

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Secondly, an image-based call-to-action gives your recipients something lớn cliông xã on, turning them from passive sầu readers inlớn active audience members. ADD_THIS_TEXT

How lớn Insert an Image Into Your Email Signature

Step 1. Sign inkhổng lồ your Gmail account

Step 2. Go lớn Settings (the gear inhỏ in the top right h& corner of your screen)

Step 3. Under the General tab, scroll to the bottom to find the Signatures section


Step 4. By mặc định, “No signature” is selected

Step 5. To add a signature, select the Create new button. A text box will appear where you must name your signature.

Step 6. Add your signature name và clichồng Create

Step 7. Customize your signature in the text box provided


Step 8. Either in your new signature, or in the existing signature that you’re editing, click on the area of your signature where you want khổng lồ insert your image

Step 9. Select the image inhỏ in the bottom pane of the text box


Step 10. You’re now given 3 options for where to select your image from:

“My Drive” (Google Drive)Upload (from your computer)Web address (URL)

Step 11. The first two options allow you to lớn select images either from your Google Drive or computer drive sầu. The third option, Web address, is useful if you want lớn add an image from your company’s trang web (e.g. a biểu tượng logo or a call-to-action). To do this:

11.1) xuất hiện your company’s trang web và find the logo

11.2) Right cliông xã on the logo and select Copy image address


11.3) Go bachồng khổng lồ your Gmail signature settings và select Web address (URL), & then paste the image address URL into lớn the box provided


11.4) Cliông xã Select

Step 12. You can change the image form size by selecting from Small, Medium, Large or Original form size when the image is highlighted

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Activate & Test Your Signature

Step 1. Make sure you enable your signature by editing your signature defaults. You can select your signatures for both new emails and for replying and forwarding.


Step 2. Save your signature by clicking Save sầu changes at the bottom of the page

Step 3. Test your tin nhắn signature by sending yourself a test gmail. Make sure that everything looks the way you want it lớn and that all link work.

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Add a Link khổng lồ Your Image

If desired, you can also make your image clickable:

Step 1. Go back lớn Settings – General – Signatures

Step 2. Find your signature & cliông xã inlớn the text edit box

Step 3. Highlight your image & select the link icon


Step 4. Insert the URL to which you want to lớn liên kết the image


Step 5. Cliông xã OK. 

Step 6. Cliông chồng Save changes at the bottom of the pag

Adding an image khổng lồ your Gmail signature can elevate your emails from simple communications to lớn brvà và sale opportunities. Thankfully, the process is straightforward, & you can even choose khổng lồ save sầu several tin nhắn signatures khổng lồ use at different times.

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