How do i set up google talk/hangout in pidgin?

I"m using Pidgin and it works great. But I have sầu trouble getting my Google Talk/Hangout trương mục running. I"m getting the error message: "Not Authorized"

I found the following links but nothing works for me.How vày I phối up Google Talk in Pidgin?

I can"t find the Google settings for less secure apps in my Google account.

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Here are my settings:

Basic Tab:

Protocol: XMPPUsername: myUsername (without mytên miền.comResource: HomePassword: myPasswordChecked Remember passwordAdvanced Tab:

Connection security: Require encryptionConnect port: 5222 (default)Connect server: transfer proxies: (default)



I can"t find the google settings for less secure apps in my google trương mục.

When signed in lớn your account, go khổng lồ My Account, & in the "Sign-in & Security" column, go to Connected Apps và Sites. Third option down on the right is a toggle for allowing less secure apps.


My settings work perfect (on windows)I recommover not enabling settings for less secure apps

The trichồng is to first enable 2-Step Verification in email settings, then add pidgin, & finally copy the password that was generated

My settings are as follows

Protocol: XMPP

Username: Your username (without domain)

Domain: tin nhắ (or your domain)

Resource: Home

Password: Your Password

Cheông xã "Rethành viên password"

Uncheck new gmail.

Set Connection security to lớn Require encryptionLeave connect port và connect server at default.Set File transfer proxies khổng lồ (default)

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This configuration is what worked for me:



You need a Connect Server: in the Advanced tab.

Hope this helps. Good Luông xã.

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From Gmail, cliông chồng on your avatar on the top right, clichồng on "My Account", then click on "Sign in security". From there, follow what you see in this image:


Update: This method is no longer possible with 2FA enabled. Explore other options that don"t involve sầu allowing less secure apps.

Getting Google khổng lồ accept your connection takes an extra step & depends on whether or not you have sầu two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled.

With 2FA disabled

Under Apps with trương mục access, find the setting for "Allow less secure apps" và turn it on. This setting will not exist if you have 2FA enabled.

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Use the settings you"ve described, entering your Google tài khoản password as the password.

With 2FA enabled

At the bottom of the size, cliông chồng on the "Select app" dropdown & choose "Other". Enter Pidgin (or whatever name you"d like) inlớn the text box & cliông xã "Generate". Copy the generated password it provides.Use the settings you"ve sầu described, but paste in the generated password from the previous step as the password.

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