Gmail makes it easier to group contacts

Google has quietly reinstated the ability to lớn batch-create and import multiple contacts to your Google account at once. This time-saving feature was removed when Google began switching its Smartphone and website apps over to the material theme thiết kế last year, và Google didn’t announce its return. That’s a shame, as it’s pretty useful if you’re looking to lớn batch-import a bunch of people into your Google trương mục.

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Adding multiple Google contacts is a slightly different process than its previous incarnation, but it’s still super easy.

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Click “Create Contact.” Select “Create multiple contacts.” In the next window, type all the names và.or email addresses for the contacts you want to add. Make sure each tương tác is separated by a comma. (You can also import contacts using CSV or vCard files.)Apply labels khổng lồ the group of contacts by clicking “No Label” in the upper-right corner of the window.When you’ve added or imported all the information, click “Create.” All the contacts will load inkhổng lồ your trương mục & can be accessed via Gmail, your Android phone, và other Google apps/services you use.

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