GMail is a feature rich Email service from Google, on of the widely used one, in the recent times GMail has surpassed Yahoo! & even Hotmail. So what is it about GMail that people are switching so fast.

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Firstly, it is free, has unlimited space* & have a lot of features that the counterparts dont, for eg. GMail allows you lớn use POP và IMAPhường so you can get mails directly on your tin nhắn clients, like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird or even on your phone, be it an Android, iPhone or a Blackberry. Gmail is perceived to be the most secured tin nhắn service it has great security features, excellent spam catching tools, lots of gadgets and addons. We could go Gaga about the featured but maybe in another post.

We are going to speak about how khổng lồ know if someone has hacked your GMail account, this is the easiest it can get, here goes.

1. Login lớn your GMail Account and scroll khổng lồ the bottom of the page & you might see something called the Last Login Activity, click on details (bottom right).

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Gmail allows you to see the last 10 accesses made to your tài khoản. If you wish khổng lồ see from where all the Access has happened you will be able to lớn see once you click on the details liên kết in the Last Login Activity.

Recent activity includes all details of when and how your email was accessed, using a regular web browser, through a POP/IMAP. client, from a di động device, or even Atom Feeds. It will menu the IP address of the computer from where the access was made, along with the date and time.

Last Login Activity windows also tell you if there is someone who has logged inlớn your account right now, and you could also go ahead & Sign all the account, if you find suspicion you could Sign out all sessions using the button and change your password.

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Keep a tab on the Recent Login Activity column, oh & By the way, If there is a suspicion, Google might notify you as well, say for eg. you are in NY and someone from London accesses your account, you will see a Alert bar, along with the geographic region of the suspicious IP address


Awesome isn’t it

We had also written a similar Article about How to lớn know if your Facebook Account is Hacked.

Stay Safe!

The DNetWorks Team

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