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We on-boarded a client who had their gmail for the past 3 years with GoDaddy. Since we tư vấn Google"s GSuite, we moved hyên ổn over. It was an extremely painful process lớn figure out how khổng lồ import his 10,000 archived emails.

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I read all the Google tutorials but nothing would work because his old email and his new tin nhắn were the same. Let"s Gọi it "name" for this example.

I finally found a solution after 15 days of trying different things.

Start with Skết thúc Messages

If you want all of your sent messages moved to your Google Appsgmail sent folder (và conversations):

Log in khổng lồ your Go Daddy web-mail tài khoản.Go to lớn your Sent thư mục.Select to show 400/page.Select all on the page.Choose move sầu to lớn InBox.

I was a bit hesitant to vị this step, but it actually works. Google"s Mail Fetcher only fetches from the InBox, but then Google sorts them inkhổng lồ the right folders on the other over.


Set up Account & Import

Sign into lớn the new Google GSuite email (or gmail), then

Cliông xã Settings, which is the cog wheel on the right side.Clichồng Accounts and Import tab.Click Import mail & contacts, the second one down; cliông chồng on the xanh links "Import mail and contacts".Google"s tin nhắn system will ask you lớn sign in lớn your other gmail tài khoản.

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The trick here is: DO NOT entername; the system will just go around in circles because that"s the email you"re using already in GSuite.

Instead write test or any other name you choose.

Setting up the Pop Info

On the next screen you want to lớn enter the correct information:


Password POPhường Username: your REAL username name
.yourcompany.comPOP Server: Port 110

On the next screen, you can check off all the boxes. I labeled ours "Imported" and left a copy of the messages on GoDaddy"s hệ thống.

Now Google Does its Work

You"ll get a pop-up that says it might take 24 - 48 hours và that YOU CAN cthảm bại the window & YOU CAN log out of your email, so you can just go on your happy day & let Google bởi the rest of the work.

(15 days of this!! And now it"s telling me that I don"t have khổng lồ leave the window open. I wish I would have found this 15 days ago!!)

Thanks, someone on the internet, for sharing this obscure tip, và now I"ve decoded it & the rest of the world can use it. Yay!

Posted: Wed Dec 25th 2019 1:38pm 2 years ago
Written By:Dafne Canales

Founder & CEO of the innovative digital kinh doanh software company, Spartung Spark, Dafne Canales Lees has earned her reputation as the Data-Driven Digital Storyteller. Her 7-Second Trust Formula uses behavioural marketing strategies lớn create client trust via digital kinh doanh platforms for a more personalized user experience that translates inlớn additional sign-ups, sales và increased profits.

A member of the Neuromarketing Business and Science Association & the Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics, Dafne travels monthly khổng lồ California to attkết thúc meetings with her advisory board. A sought-after speaker và facilitator, this creative innovator never stops giving of her time và talent, even teaching corporate in-house sale teams the lathử nghiệm digital kinh doanh strategies.

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