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LinkedIn’s acquisition of the popular gmail add-in Rapportive, & its subsequent demolition as its new owner ripped out some of its best features, left a lot of users angry & scrambling for an alternative. A number of these have since launched, but a newcomer called Connect arriving today from Clearbit may be one of the best khổng lồ hit the market yet.

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Clearbit may not be a household name, but the company is today serving as the data backbone to lớn a number of công nghệ businesses, including Asana, Braintree, Slaông xã, Stripe, Zendesk, Zen Payroll, AdRoll, Intercom, Bugsnag, Mention, Segment và hundreds of others.

It offers a suite of some half a dozen APIs focused on scouring the web & other data sources for publicly available information on people and businesses. This information can then be put to lớn use for a variety of purposes by its customers – lượt thích generating data about new sales leads, as Asamãng cầu does, for example. Or it can be used for risk and compliance purposes, as Braintree does when underwriting new merchants.


Until today, the company did not offer a consumer-facing sản phẩm. However, they realized there was room in the market for one after Rapportive’s closure – especially since they already had the tools that made email lookup possible. 

“We were big fans of Rapportive sầu baông xã in the day,” explains Clearbit co-founder and CEO Alex MacCaw, “và we were pretty disappointed when all the features were taken out of it.”

The company, a small team of eight based in San Francisteo, decided lớn solve sầu that problem for themselves.

With the newly launched Gmail add-in Connect, you get a sidebar widget lượt thích you once did with Rapportive. This widget offers details on not only the person you’re emailing with but also information on their company, when available.

This information includes the person’s name, pholớn, title, location, URL, and social accounts as well as the company’s name, address, và other details lượt thích number of employees, type (public or private), funding, tags, và social accounts, aước ao other things.

If that’s all Connect did, it would already be better than Rapportive sầu, which focuses more on the person you’re in touch with, & not the details of their company.

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However, Connect goes a step further. It can actually provide you with an tin nhắn address for someone when you don’t have sầu that information on tệp tin in your address book.


Rapportive sầu users probably already know a variation on this trick: you type in different combinations of an tin nhắn format (like john.smith và see which one will trigger the Rapportive widget in the sidebar lớn show you the person’s protệp tin. When it does, you know you’ve guessed the gmail correctly.

Connect is so much easier.

From the Gmail “Compose” screen, you cliông chồng the Connect button & a new window appears. Here, you type in the company domain – which helpfully auto-suggests matching companies as you type. You then enter in a person’s name or title. In the danh sách of matches that appears, you click the name of the person you want to lớn tin nhắn and – boom! – there’s their tin nhắn address.

This, of course, is a double-edged sword. While super convenient for kết thúc users looking to lớn sover out emails, it also means that those who lượt thích lớn keep their tin nhắn address more private will have sầu some trouble doing so in the future.

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As with Clearbit’s APIs, this system works by scouring the website for public data. For companies, that means crawling websites, SSL certificates, Schedule D filings, government records, social networks, & more. But for people, it’s not only relying on what’s publicly available on the website & in some public data sets Clearbit buys – it’s also relying on Connect’s user base.

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