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Let’s face it — if you’re using your Gmail tài khoản for more than occasionally contacting friends và relatives, it’s likely that it’s spinning out of control. Between work-related emails, online events, invitations, advertising from your favorite retailers, and just plain spam, you’re going to find it difficult lớn keep trachồng.

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There are a variety of ways to organize your email, và one powerful option is to lớn apply labels, Gmail’s analog to lớn folders. Putting labels on emails makes them easier to lớn khuyến mãi with. For example, you can label everyone you need lớn sover holiday greetings to; everyone who expressed interest in buying your graphic novel collection; everyone working on your current đoạn Clip project; everyone who you knew in college — the possibilities are nearly endless.

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Here are some basics and some strategies for using Gmail’s label features. Note that all of them are done on a desktop computer; there are different ways to manage labels on a thiết bị di động device, which I’ll talk about at the over of this article.

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Create labels

In order to lớn start using labels, the first thing you need to vì chưng is create some. There are a couple of ways you can vày that.

First, you can create a label from Gmail’s left-hand column:

In the left-hand column, scroll down from Inbox until you get to “Manage labels” and “Create new label.”Clichồng on the latter và enter the name of your new label. You can nest it under an existing label if you want.
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You can create new labels from the left-hvà column.

You can also create a new label & immediately apply it khổng lồ several emails:

Select the emails you want khổng lồ label by checking the boxes to the left of the emails. When you’re ready, right cliông xã.Hover over “Label as.” You can type the name of your new label inkhổng lồ the field on the pop-up window & hit the Return key, or cliông xã on “Create new,” where you can enter the name of your new label & nest it under an existing label if you want.


You can create a new label & immediately apply it khổng lồ several emails.

Color your labels

One of the simplest things you can bởi with labels in Gmail is lớn give sầu them colors. It may seem lượt thích a small thing, but if you’re browsing through your tin nhắn, colored labels make it immediately clear what category an tin nhắn belongs in.


Differently colored labels can make messages easier to lớn find.

To assign colors to a Gmail label:

Hover your cursor over the label’s name in the left column.Click on the three dots to the right of the label’s name.Click on “Label color.”Select the color you want khổng lồ assign to lớn that label — you can either choose a basic color combination or create custom colors for the background & text.


You can select a default color combination for a label or create custom colors.

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If you want to lớn go baông xã to the mặc định colors (blaông xã text on a gray background), cliông chồng on “Remove color.”

Apply labels automatically khổng lồ incoming emails

You can automatically apply labels lớn emails as they come in. For example, if I were planning khổng lồ write a story about different types of face masks and wanted to lớn label any emails that might concern that subject, I could phối up a filter which would automatically put the label “mask” on those emails. Like this:

First, create the label you want. In this case, I used the directions above lớn create the label “Masks.”Go to your Gmail tìm kiếm box. Click on the small arrow at the right of the tìm kiếm box lớn get the advanced search.Put your tìm kiếm term in the appropriate field(s). For example, lớn create my search, I will look for any email that has the word “mask” in it. I can also just apply it khổng lồ emails that kết thúc up in my Inbox (so that I won’t label any emails that kết thúc up in Spam) by clicking on the field next to “Search” & selecting “Inbox” from the drop-down menu.


Create the search terms that will determine which emails will be labeled.

Clichồng on the “Create filter” button.There will be a warning that several types of filters won’t apply khổng lồ incoming gmail. Click “Okay” lớn show you underst&.You’ll then be brought lớn a page that lets you choose what you want the filter to vày. For example, I could have sầu the filtered emails immediately deleted or archived, marked as important (or as not important), or forwarded to lớn another address, among mỏi other options. In this case, I’m going lớn kiểm tra the box next lớn “Apply the label:” and then choose the label “Masks” from the drop-down menu. (You can also create a new label here, if you wish.)


Chechồng the box next lớn “Apply the label:” và then choose your label from the drop-down thực đơn.

This will only label future emails. To apply the label lớn current emails as well, also check “Also apply filter khổng lồ matching conversations” which appears at the bottom of the checkcác mục. (Note: This last one is a somewhat quirky feature, so it may not work in all cases.)Cliông xã “Create filter.”

Edit your filters

If you want to edit or delete any of your filters, you have khổng lồ vì that through Gmail’s main settings page, which is accessed by clicking on the cog in the top right corner và then on “See all settings.” Then:

Click on the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab.You’ll see a furnituremaisak.coming of all your filters. To individually edit or delete one, click on the “Edit” or “Delete” liên kết at the right of each label.You can also delete or export a group of labels by checking them off and then clicking on the “Export” or “Delete” liên kết at the bottom of the danh sách.

Show or hide your labels

When you have a lot of labels, they can be overwhelming, & so Gmail has ways in which you can show or hide specific labels.

If you click on “Manage labels” in the left column, you’ll be brought to the “Labels” tab on the Gmail settings page. Scroll down the resulting page lớn find a các mục of all your labels.

There are two ways you can tweak whether a label is visible: “Show in label” and “Show in message” “Label” refers to the danh mục of your labels in Gmail’s left-h& column — it is handy because you can cliông chồng on the name of a specific label khổng lồ tìm kiếm for all emails with that label. Here in settings, you can choose khổng lồ show that label in the left-h& danh mục, hide it, or only show it if you have sầu unread emails with that label.

“Show in message” lets you show or hide the label in the main message window — in other words, you won’t see the label next to lớn the email’s first line(s). The email will still be labeled, however.


You can manage your labels in Gmail’s settings.

And finally, you can edit each label or remove sầu it entirely. (Removing it will not delete the tin nhắn, just the label.)

Manage labels on a Smartphone device

While Gmail labels have lớn be created using a computer, và more complex operations have lớn be done on a computer as well, you bởi vì have sầu some options on how labels are used on your mobile device.

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On both an iPhone and an Android phone, open the tin nhắn you want to label.Tap the three-dot inhỏ in the top right of the screen.Select “Change labels.”Select (or unselect) the labels you want to apply to that message.

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