How to disable conversation view in gmail

Gmail organizes mail into Conversations, or groups of messages, based on the subject line & content of the email. Conversations give sầu you the context of the email by displaying previous related messages. For more information, see the Google Support Article: Conversationsand the Google"s Quickstart Guide lớn Conversations vs. Messages.

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If you"re new to lớn Gmail, conversations can take time khổng lồ get used to lớn, but they are worth the effort. Some benefits of conversations include:

you can view your own replies in contextif you search, your results are shown along with related messagesif there"s an unimportant conversation with a lot of messages, it doesn"t take over your inbox - you can focus on what"s more important to lớn youwhen you get back from a vacation, it"s easy to lớn get caught up, from beginning to end

Reading a Conversation

When you open a conversation, all unread messages will automatically be expanded for you to read (or if you"ve sầu read them all, only the last will be expanded). Your own sent messages will be displayed in context with the conversation.

If you tìm kiếm your mail và clichồng a conversation in the results, the messages that match your search will be expanded.

Replying to a Conversation

If you use the reply box at the bottom of the conversation, you will be replying khổng lồ the last message. In most cases, this is what you want to bởi vì. However, you can also reply to individual messages using the action thực đơn on the top right of any individual message.

Replying All in a Conversation

A lot of people who are new khổng lồ Gmail are anxious about Replying All in a conversation - will recipients see something they weren"t meant to see? A Conversation may contain messages between a large group of people, as well as private conversations between a smaller group than the original message. For example, if I sover out a message to trăng tròn people and one replies privately to lớn me, her message will be grouped inkhổng lồ the conversation.

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However, there"s an easy rule - if you Reply or Reply All, nobody will see anything they haven"t already seen. It"s only if you Forward, or add additional recipients khổng lồ To, CC, or BCC, that you should be concerned about quoted text.

Viewing Quoted Text

The quoted text that is sent along with each reply is hidden by mặc định. Since you"re already in a conversation, you don"t really need it - you can exp& each message in the conversation khổng lồ view its nội dung instead of having to lớn untangle pages of quoted, indented text. However, if you"re adding recipients và there may be sensitive sầu nội dung in the conversation, you should kiểm tra the quoted text khổng lồ make sure it"s okay for people to lớn see.

To view quoted text, click the three dots inside your compose window:


Disabling Conversations

It is possible to lớn disable conversations in your main settings page. It"s possible to switch conversations off and on again without causing any damage. We find there are serious shortcomings khổng lồ working with conversations off, but some people still prefer it, especially if they skết thúc emails lớn large groups of people & need to lớn carefully manage the individual replies.

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Video Tutorial

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