Gmail makes it easier for you to copy and paste email addresses

On some—but not all—apps, when you press Ctrl-V (Win)/Cmd-V (Mac), you can press Shift too. This activates “Paste và Match Style,” which converts the text lớn the same style as the destination document. This is usually what you want.

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On a Mac, some apps make you press Option as well as Shift and Cmd. Guessing which one each ứng dụng uses is annoying. But you can fix that with our next method.


Method 2: Make a keyboard shortcut

On MacOS, you can easily assign a keyboard shortcut to any menu thành quả. You can assign Cmd-Shift-V to “Paste và Match Style” so it always works, in every phầm mềm.

Or you can reverse the mặc định behavior: assign Cmd-V to Paste & Match Style, và Cmd-Shift-V khổng lồ Paste. Developer Craig Hockenberry wrote up a guide for this particular case, including a few details lớn make sure everything’s exactly correct.

To assign a keyboard shortcut on Windows, you’ll need a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ phầm mềm. Gizmovì recommends the không tính tiền apps WinHotKey và AutoHotkey.

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There’s one more option on Windows: download PureText, a không lấy phí tiện ích just for stripping out formatting. A dedicated tiện ích for pasting seems like a lot, but it’s no worse than downloading a keyboard shortcut phầm mềm.

But remember

There are a few times when you do want lớn paste with formatting. The most comtháng is when you’re pasting linked text. Say you wanted khổng lồ paste the previous paragraph inlớn an email with the liên kết intact. In some apps, using Paste and Match Style will strip that text.

You have two options, both of which kind of stink. You can “paste & match style,” but you’ll need lớn manually add the liên kết baông xã in. Or you can paste, và you’ll need to lớn manually change the font & form size of the text.

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On Gmail, select all your pasted text and open the Formatting options menu next khổng lồ the Send button. Select the fonts và type form size that matches the rest of your gmail. (If you’re not sure, select your entire gmail before you pichồng the fonts và size.) If applicable, change the text color & bold/italic/underline options too.


After downloading apps and assigning keyboard shortcuts, you’ve successfully moved a line of text from one part of your computer lớn another. Congratulations! Computers make life easy!

Windows: When I get WPRF (weird paste related formatting) I always paste into lớn notepad first then copy from there. Its an extra step but works

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