How to delete more than 50 emails in gmail in 2021

Do you have more emails than you can handle? Find out here how lớn delete all gmail in Gmail at once: absolutely all messages, all emails from a sender, all emails arriving in the future, & more.

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First, 960 Billion Suns

When something spins, it wants khổng lồ fly away. It takes a string & pulling to lớn keep it spinning.

When a galaxy spins around another, bigger one, gravity does the pulling. That very gravity can be used khổng lồ “weigh” the parent galaxy.

By this measure, the Milky Way — stars, planets, dust, dark matter and all — has a mass of 960 billion times the sun.

Your Gmail feels heavy lượt thích that, & you suspect lots of dark matter? Let us toss và spin, then let go of all emails en masse:

How to Delete All Gmail Emails at Once

First, decide which emails you want to remove sầu from your account:

Delete Absolutely All Email

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To remove all messages from your Gmail tài khoản in one go using a desktop browser:

Cliông xã in the Search mail field in Gmail.

Gmail keyboard shortcut: With Gmail keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can also press /.

Press Enter.

Click the Select checkbox atop the tìm kiếm results khổng lồ select all conversations on the current page.

Keyboard shortcut: You can also press * followed by a.

Now click Select all conversations that match this search if it appears under the toolbar.

Click Delete in the toolbar.

Important: This will move sầu all messages from your Gmail Inbox, all labels, All Mail and the Spam thư mục to your Gmail Trash.

Have Gmail Delete All New Emails Automatically

To have Gmail delete all messages as they arrive sầu at your address using a filter:

Clichồng the Show tìm kiếm options downward-headed triangle () in the Gmail Search mail field.Type * under From.Click Create filter.Cliông xã OK if asked lớn Confirm creating filter.Make sure Delete it is checked under When a message arrives that matches this search:.Cliông xã Create filter.

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Important: This will phối up a Gmail filter that automatically moves all incoming mail to the Trash, whence it will be deleted automatically.Tip: If you have phối up Gmail khổng lồ forward mail automatically, this will still happen.

Delete All Email From a Sender

To find and delete all emails you have sầu exchanged with a particular contact in Gmail:

Click the Search mail field in Gmail.Type in:anywhere AND from:senderreplacing “sender” with the person’s tin nhắn address.Note: Use in:anywhere AND (from:sender OR to:sender)to lớn find all gmail sent khổng lồ và received from the person.Tip: You can also use part of the email address (say the part preceding
) or the sender’s name of course.Example: To search for all emails exchangedwith, type in:anywhere AND ( OR Enter.Clichồng the Select checkbox (
) lớn check all currently visible results.Keyboard shortcut: With Gmail keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can also press * followed by a. If Select all conversations that match this searchappears under the toolbar, clichồng it.Now clichồng Delete (
).Note: This will move all emails from và lớn the contactto the Trash thư mục in Gmail; messages already in the Trash will not be moved or immediately deleted.

Delete All Unread Emails

With a bit of searching magic, you can delete all unread emails in Gmail at once, too.

How khổng lồ Delete All Gmail Emails at Once: FAQ

Can I delete all emails using the Gmail app for iOS or Android?

No, unfortunately, there is no simple way khổng lồ delete all emails in the Gmail apps for Android or iOS.

You can, however, open Gmail’s desktop version in a sản phẩm điện thoại browser & delete the messages using that.

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Can I delete all emails using Simple HTML Gmail?

No. Basic HTML Gmail, alas, lacks an easy way to mass-delete emails.

(How khổng lồ delete all Gmail emails at once tested with Gmail in a desktop browser; updated July 2021)

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