How to import/migrate gmail contacts to outlook

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In Google Contacts, select Export > Contacts and choose the appropriate format.You can export the entire các mục or only certain groups.New automatic tương tác entries are found underOther contactsin Gmail Contacts.

This article details how to lớn export your Gmail Contacts menu for use in other accounts & applications. The instructions apply to lớn the web version of Gmail & across all browsers.

Export Your Gmail Contacts

Your address book isn"t tied lớn one Gmail address. You can use it with another Gmail account or a desktop email program such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Yahoo Mail. To export your full Gmail address book:

xuất hiện Google Contacts. The easiest way to lớn bởi vì that is to visit or select the apps menu in the upper-right corner of Gmail & choose Contacts.



To export an entire address book, selectContacts. Select the drop-down arrow khổng lồ choose a Google Contacts group.

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Choose an export format:

The Outlook CSV format exports all data và converts names khổng lồ the default character encoding.The Google CSV format exports all data and uses Unicode to preserve international characters. Some email programs such as Outlook do not tư vấn Unicode.ThevCard format is an mạng internet standard that is supported by many gmail programs & contact managers such as OS X Mail & Contacts.


Download the tệp tin (named Contacts) to your computer. You can rename the tệp tin anything you want, lượt thích gmail-to-outlook.csv (for the Outlook CSV format), tin nhắn.csv (for Google CSV), or contacts.vcf (for the vCard format).

Where lớn Find Contacts Automatically Added by Gmail

Your danh sách và tệp tin of contacts may be large because Gmail adds new tương tác entries khổng lồ your address book when you reply to lớn an gmail or forward it to lớn a new address. These new automatic entries are found underOther contactsin Gmail Contacts.

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Prevent Gmail From Adding Contacts Automatically

To prsự kiện Gmail from adding new addresses khổng lồ your Contacts automatically:

Under theGeneraltab, scroll down to lớn Create contacts for auto-complete section and select I"ll add contacts myself.

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