Know how to import excel contacts into google contacts gmail

Do you have a các mục of contacts in Excel that you would lượt thích to lớn import inkhổng lồ your Google Contacts?

Google contacts supports importing data from CSV files, Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail and more.

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xuất hiện your Excel spreadsheet.Make sure your column headings are in row 1 and your first liên hệ is in row 2.The Name field can be a single column, or you can use separate columns for first name, middle name và last name.There must be a column for gmail address.If you have a Notes column, it will be imported inkhổng lồ the Contact"s Notes field.



Excel may warn you that your file contains features not supported by CSV format. Cliông xã OK.cảnh báo the location of your saved tệp tin.



The import process supports a Notes field. However, the maximum form size for a tương tác is 128 KB. So if a liên hệ exceeds this form size, the Notes field might be truncated.

You can upload up khổng lồ 3,000 contacts at a time. If you have sầu more than 3,000 contacts to lớn upload, you"ll need to lớn create more than one CSV file to upload.

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Here"s a tip from our Senior Technical Trainer.

She writes:"When I need lớn import data into lớn a program, the first thing I vì chưng is export a record from the destination tiện ích. I figure, surely the app can import it"s own tệp tin. Right? After I export a record, I vì chưng not rearrange, delete or rename any columns.I simply use that file as a template for my import."

So try these steps if all else fails...

xuất hiện a liên hệ in Google Contacts và complete all the fields you care about or create a new one and fill it with dummy dataExport that tương tác lớn a csv or Excel filemở cửa the exported file & use it as a template for importing your data.

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In other words, copy your data into lớn a tệp tin Google creates when you export a contact.

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