Exporting your thunderbird address book to connect g suite mail

Everyone must be aware from the fact that công nghệ has turned the world into a global village. It means that the virtual distance between the population of this world has been reduced khổng lồ such an extent that it can be called a village. Modern time giải pháp công nghệ has given us so many modes of communication, for example, gmail.

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Email is a mode of communication among muốn people which can be used for multiple purposes lượt thích professionals use lớn migrate Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail when they face problem to lớn export address book from Thunderbird to Gmail.



Let’s take a look at query of a customer from a technical forum regarding the migration of tương tác from Thunderbird into lớn Gmail.

“I used lớn have sầu a Thunderbird Thư điện tử tài khoản in the system of my trang chủ for personal use. Last month, I got admitted khổng lồ the Ph.D. program. My University uses customized Gmail account for all the people associated with the University. I will be using that Gmail for next 4 years. This is the reason I want to export Thunderbird address book to lớn Gmail contacts so that I can still be in touch with my old friends và family members, even from my University. Is there any easy solution to lớn this migration process?”

The problem is not a chất lượng one. There are many people who have sầu faced the problem. For their convenience, this article will discuss the techniques of exporting address book from Thunderbird to lớn Gmail. Before going lớn the steps, have a quichồng glance at the reasons behind this export process.

Why Migrate Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail

The requirement khổng lồ transfer contacts from Thunderbird to lớn Gmail lies on the fact that Thunderbird is a desktop based email client, which means all its data is saved in the system, not on the VPS. On the other h&, Gmail is a cloud-based email client. Its data is stored on the hệ thống, not in the system which means the Gmail contacts can be accessed from anywhere. If someone wants khổng lồ access Thunderbird contacts from another system, it will not be possible. Therefore, the necessity lớn import Thunderbird contacts inkhổng lồ Gmail arises.

How to lớn Copy Thunderbird Address Book to Gmail

Here is the procedure to transfer Thunderbird contacts to lớn Gmail. The overall process can be divided into lớn 2 parts.

First, Convert the Thunderbird Address Book into CSV file.Second, Export the CSV tệp tin inlớn Gmail trương mục.

The steps of creating the CSV tệp tin from Thunderbird Contacts are given below:

Saving Thunderbird Contacts as CSV:

1. xuất hiện Thunderbird Thư điện tử client from the system.


2. Look at the Menu bar, you will find the Tools option. Cliông chồng on that lớn find the option of Address Book.


3. Cliông xã on Address Book, a new window will pop up showing all the components of the Address Book. On the left side of the window, you will see Personal Address Book and Collected Addresses.


4. Highlight the Personal Address Book option by clicking on it. Now cliông chồng on the Tools option above & choose Export


5. Another window will appear with the option of choosing the destination location, tệp tin name, và type. Choose Desktop lớn save sầu the tệp tin, set Contacts as File Name, và most importantly, mix the File Type as CSV (Comma Separated Value.)


Issues while Creating the CSV Files

Many times, this has been observed that users face problem while creating CSV files. In case of CSV tệp tin not being created, the header and columns of the Excel Workbook are needed lớn be reformatted. If you are unaware of the method on how to create CSV files then, this method is a hard task for you. Even after reformatting there is a chance that it will not get saved. Then, you need to save another CSV file to lớn export Thunderbird Contacts lớn Gmail. Thus, this whole process can become time-consuming and troublesome. To get rid of this trouble, users can always opt for the easy solution of using third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ tools.

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SysTools MAB Converter is an all-rounder tool that can persize various tasks including exporting Thunderbird contacts saved in MAB format to CSV format without any hassle. You can use it for various purposes such as khổng lồ export Thunderbird Contacts to lớn Office 365.

You can tìm kiếm and add MAB files either thư mục wise or file wise. This software allows you to lớn switch between the vertical & horizontal mode of viewing. The best part of this tool is that it can convert MAB file of any kích thước. So, whatever may be the kích thước of your Thunderbird Contacts, you can remain assured that none will get left out during the exportation of Mozilla Thunderbird address book to Gmail if you use this tool.

With the help of this application, MAB files can be easily saved to CSV files. After CSV tệp tin formation is done, the user can go ahead with the steps khổng lồ export Thunderbird Contacts lớn Gmail.

Exporting CSV File lớn GmailAfter the CSV tệp tin has been created, it is necessary to import contacts from Thunderbird to lớn Gmail by using the below steps:

1. Open Gmail account on any browser and clichồng on the reverse triangle on the top left corner beside Gmail khổng lồ get a drop-down menu. From the Menu, Cliông xã Contacts.


2. A new tab named Google Contacts will open. Click on Switch khổng lồ the Old Version.


3. The page will refresh và the option of Import Contacts will appear. Cliông xã on this option.


4. A window will pop up to lớn let you choose the file. Go to lớn Desktop location & select the file contacts.csv. Then cliông chồng on Import button to lớn import it lớn Gmail.


5. After the Import is done successfully, a new group will appear under My Contacts named “Imported – Date of Import”.


6. Now you can go back lớn using the Gmail normally. From next on, all the contacts from CSV files will appear in Gmail.

Final Thoughts

Everyday new giải pháp công nghệ is being invented lớn make our lives easy. There is no reason why a user should be left behind from using the up-to-date technology. The export operation of the Address book from Thunderbird can be done easily with the technique mentioned above. In case any problem appears during the manual procedure, users can take the help of SysTools MAB Converter.

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With the help of this application, all migration problems regarding Thunderbird contacts lớn Gmail can be resolved.

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