How to export gmail contacts to an excel sheet

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Contacts from Gmail is getting more và more important, particularly for business people. To make a backup, edit your Google contacts in batch or for other reasons, you may have sầu the need khổng lồ export Gmail contacts to Excel.

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However, Gmail doesn’t provide a direct way to lớn export contacts lớn Excel. Many usrs are asking Many “How vì chưng I export my Gmail contacts lớn Excel?”. The good news is that there are easy và effective ways to export Gmail contacts lớn Excel. This article will cover two easiest ways lớn vị this.

The Absolute Easiest Way khổng lồ Export Gmail Contacts to lớn Excel

The easiest way lớn export contacts from Gmail khổng lồ Excel requires an application, ContactsMate. This contact manager for Mac makes it quite easy and straightforward khổng lồ download Gmail contacts to lớn Excel.

In addition to exporting Gmail contacts lớn Excel, this App helps individuals and companies khổng lồ manage & organize contacts perfectly. It can sync, edit, add, group, nói qua, print và gmail contacts from various sources from iPhone, Mac, iCloud, Gmail, Exchange and more.

Free Download

Advantages:Export Gmail contacts khổng lồ Excel directlyExport selected contacts or all contacts from GmailEnable lớn export Gmail contacts to lớn Excel, CSV, vCard and other common formatsExport contacts from Gmail to Excel with no duplicatesGet a Excel tệp tin with good layoutExport different types of contacts information according khổng lồ your needs
Disadvantages:Not available for Windows system

6 Steps khổng lồ Export Gmail Contacts khổng lồ Excel Using ContactsMate

Download và install Contactsmate

Free Download

After successful installation, run this program. The first time you open it, it will access to lớn contacts from Mac. Then, click Add Account button at the top of the interface.

Select Google and sign in using your Gmail account và password

Under Internet Accounts, select Google và log in to lớn it with your Gmail account

Cheông chồng Google Contacts

Tichồng the box next khổng lồ Contacts. And Clichồng Done. After that, contacts from Gmail will be imported to lớn ContactsMate.

Quit & relaunch ContactsMate

Now, you should see Group Google in the left panel & all Google contacts will be listed in the middle of the interface.

Select Google contacts, and clichồng Export

To export Gmail contacts lớn Excel, you can:

select some specific contacts that you need to export from Gmail, và perform a right-cliông chồng on all Gmail contacts with a short cut key Commvà + A or put your mouse to Group Google directly, right-clichồng và select Export.

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Export Google contacts lớn Excel

In the new window, find a place lớn store the file on your Mac & name the tệp tin. In Formats options, select Excel in the drop-down danh mục. Finally, click Save sầu. The Excel tệp tin of Google contacts lists will be downloaded in no time.

Extended Features that You Should not Miss!

1. Export certain information of Google contacts khổng lồ Excel

By default, users can export all information of a Google tương tác, including name, phone number, address, birthday, fax, company, title, etc. If you only need several pieces of information, ContactsMate can vì it.

In step 6, when you get ready khổng lồ export Gmail contacts khổng lồ Excel, choose Custom Fields in Field options, & cliông xã the gear inhỏ near the Field.

A new window will be opened. Under Export Fields, select fields that you need on the left Available Fields, & move sầu them khổng lồ the right column. For example, if you only need their names, phone numbers, addresses of your Gmail contacts, put these three items lớn the right side. After that, the exported Excel tệp tin will only contain the three types of information. The benefit is that you don’t need to take time to lớn delete unnecessary information by hand.

2. Export Gmail contacts to Excel with no duplicates

ContactsMate can detect and remove sầu duplicate contacts from Google intelligently. It is necessary to lớn get rid of all duplicate contacts before exporting Gmail contacts to lớn Excel. If not, you will take a lot of time khổng lồ find and delete them manually in the exported Excel sheet. Here’s how khổng lồ export Gmail contacts to lớn Excel without duplicates:In step 4 above sầu, when you relaunch this application, cliông chồng Scan button at the top. This contacts manager will scan for the duplicates & conflicts automatically.

Find Exact duplicate contacts, cliông xã Delete duplicate contacts under Solution, and cliông xã Fix All in the lower right corner. After that, all duplicates from Gmail are removed. Then, khổng lồ export Gmail contacts khổng lồ Excel, continue to follow step 5-6 above.

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How to Export Contacts from Gmail to Excel via Conversion

Although Gmail doesn’t provide a direct way to export Gmail contacts to lớn Excel, we can vì it via conversion. This method involves two major processes: tải về Gmail contacts khổng lồ CSV tệp tin, & then convert CSV to lớn Excel.Gmail can export contacts to CSV(comma separated values). CSV is a text tệp tin that contains many fields of data information and each line of the file is a data record. After we get a CSV file from Gmail, we convert it to Excel.

Advantages:export selected or all Gmail contacts khổng lồ Exceldoes not need to lớn install an APPhường. on your computerapplies to lớn Mac & Windows
Disadvantages:has to convert the exported CSV tệp tin to lớn Excel fileneeds a CSV lớn Excel tệp tin converterthe layout of converted Excel tệp tin is not as good as you expected

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