How to find out if your boyfriend is on tinder

Ever wondered how to find out if your boyfrikết thúc is on Tinder? It seems khổng lồ be one of the biggest questions in any relationship. So, is he on Tinder?

As Tinder grows in popularity all over the world, more and more men are trying out the platsize và as any female Tinder user can tell you, many of the potential matches in the site are either married or in a relationship but still cheating on Tinder.

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There are different studies saying that as many as 42% of Tinder users are in a relationship và 30% are married, as mentioned in this Daily Dot article. Leaving a significant other curious of how khổng lồ kiểm tra if their boyfriover is on Tinder và many spouses wondering how khổng lồ find out if their husbvà on Tinder. A Global Web Index study also says men outnumber women on Tinder. Even if the number isn’t that high, the suggestion is a scary prospect for any girl in a relationship.

So when asking the question, how lớn find out if your boyfriend is on dating sites, the first place khổng lồ look for seems to lớn be Tinder. As this is the most popular dating platsize of our age, chances are that if your boyfriover or husb& has online dating profiles, he will be on Tinder, so it might be more useful to ask yourself, how khổng lồ find out if my boyfriend is on Tinder?

Is my husband on dating sites… is my husb& is on Tinder? This was a complete mystery until only recently when this became something real, and this is why (Formerly known as Swipebuster or Swipe buster) is so useful. In terms of how to lớn find out if your boyfrikết thúc on Tinder, it is the fasthử nghiệm way, by searching millions of profiles instantly & locally.

How to find out if your boyfrikết thúc or husb& is on tinder. The steps are incredibly simple:

Start tìm kiếm

Start the Tinder search by name. You must provide the exact first name as it appears on facebook of the person you are searching for.

Provide age

You must provide the age of the person. If you happen lớn be insecure of the exact age, you can write your closest guess.


Use the maps & provide the last location you believe sầu the person used Tinder.

Receive sầu Results

Enter your email khổng lồ receive the results from based on the users search criteria & a number of other variables, results are typically delivered within three minutes.

Xem thêm: (Formerly known as Swipebuster or Swipe buster) searches the area & shows you the most accurate results for that age, gender, and location. Now, users can quickly glance at all the different profiles & answer the question: is he on Tinder? It’s that simple. If the first tìm kiếm does not yield the person you were looking for, our large package includes three searches so you can try 2 more locations. is how to find out if your boyfrikết thúc is on Tinder by searching around their office, or his favorite pub or bar.

In addition, works great for situations where your boyfriover or husb& is on a business trip. Say your significant other is going lớn Las Vegas, if they are secretly using Tinder, surely that will be a place where they will likely use it. So, is my husb& on Tinder? How will I know if he’s hundreds or thousands of miles away well? works for any location. Just enter the address for his khách sạn, or office for the trip và will search that area khổng lồ see if your boyfrikết thúc or husb& has recently been using Tinder in that area.


In addition to lớn searching through millions of profiles, all the men who have sầu recently used Tinder in that specific location will pop up. If your husb& has online dating profiles, then chances are he will be using the most popular one, and if you want lớn search in the most popular one, is the best place to vì it.

So let’s assume you just caught your husb& on a dating site, in our case Tinder. There are many reasons why they could have sầu an tài khoản so don’t panic just yet! While asking for honesty is the most civilized way lớn resolve sầu this issue, it might not be available lớn every couple.

One of the things that you can Đánh Giá is the pictures that your husb& or boyfriend is using in that dating protệp tin. Are they new? Did he take the pictures after we started dating? During our break? That’s one of the easiest ways lớn find out the timeline of their usage. We also have sầu a feature called a Super Update that tells you the location, within a mile, of where they last used Tinder. Say you find them on your first search, then you vì chưng a Super Update a few days later, if that location changes, it means they used it in the time in between. The Super Update also performs a tìm kiếm in that specific location & tell you whether that profile is being seen by other Tinder users as that moment. So, if the location hasn’t changed but the protệp tin is still appearing for other users, that is usually a svào indicator of the user having recently used Tinder. As you can see, is the go-lớn way to lớn answer: is he on Tinder?. If the location changed AND the user was found during the search, well, a conversation might be in order.

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Many couples have sầu different rules about how they approach dating, sometimes being on a dating profile isn’t the over of the world. But that should be for you to decide, và transparency is what we offer on, so feel miễn phí lớn kiểm tra out our FAQ if you have sầu any further questions or doubts.

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