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Made in the USA Flint và Tinder 365 Pants – $98

SEPTEMBER 2019 UPDATE: This is a surprise. Big thanks lớn Logan M. for passing along the tip here. It looks lượt thích Flint & Tinder has now, as of mid September 2019, moved their 365 pant production overseas: “Expertly made in a sustainable factory in Indonesia.” That’s a big switch, và I’m not sure how well that’s gonmãng cầu go over.

About the Author: Ryan N. is a professional web developer for (và alum from) the University of Delaware, who keeps a cthua shave as lớn not be confused with his strongly-bearded twin brother. He plays guitar và drums, loves going khổng lồ concerts with his wife, & loves being a dad. Ryan is 5’9”, 155 and wearing a kích cỡ 31×30 slyên ổn in this post.

The last time we saw our intrepid heroes…

It’s been a few short years already since this site first featured the Flint và Tinder 365 Pant to lớn an overall solid showing. While the comfy, stretchy five-pockets drew comps lớn such tín đồ favorites as the BR Traveler Jean, the first edition wasn’t without its hesitations. At the time, there was no straight fit, no inseam options so you most likely had lớn pay lớn have sầu them hemmed, and a $98 price tag.


Two out of three ain’t bad, right?


The “Earth” shade in slyên ổn fit, kích thước 31×30, on 5’10” / 155.

What’s New

Not a whole lot is different here from the original nhận xét, but for their best-selling pant three years running, why mess with a good thing? Same great stretch, same lightweight but tough breathability, same great hardware and pockets. Yes, the 2019 edition of the 365 Pant still checks in at a pricey $98, but this already flexible, Made in the USA pant gets a lot more… flexibility.


Still 97% cotton và 3% lycra. Super soft and flexible. Still made in the USA.

Slyên AND Straight fit: Customers asked; they listened. From their sản phẩm overxem trang, “the roomier (roomy, not baggy) leg opening of the straight fit is reminiscent of heritage menswear, making ‘em a perfect khiêu vũ partner for leather boots and workwear styles.” Huckberry was nice enough to lớn skết thúc out both fits as loaners to compare, và we’ll take a dive into lớn the straight vs. slyên differences in just a few.


Left: Slyên ổn in Earth. Right: Straight in OliveBoth are a kích cỡ 31×30

Inseams: You want inseams? If you’re between a 30 and 34 waist, you’re in luông xã. Waists of 30, 31, 32, và 33 now come in your choice of 30” or 32” inseam, và a 34 can then pick between 32” & 34” (apologies khổng lồ any, cough, 34×30 guys editor’s note: hmph.) If you fall on the smaller or larger side of those waists, though? No such choice. 28-29s are stuck with 30”, and 36-38s can get a 34”. From everything I’m reading, it seems like Flint và Tinder did some extensive sầu research & likely looked at the kích cỡ distributions from their order numbers khổng lồ gear up for this re-release.

More colors: The original offered four sharp, neutral, earth tones that went with anything. Now? Three new colors have sầu been added, including navy, for a total of seven to lớn piông xã from. All seven colors still lean towards a neutral, de-saturated shade, which helps them be more versatile.

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The full spectrum available. All seven colors, up from four previously.

Straight vs. Slim

In this corner..

Now, I don’t have as much badonkadonk as certain writers on this site, but I am athletic and prefer my pants lớn be on the slimmer side. I wasn’t sure what to lớn expect here, since I’ve sầu never tried Flint và Tinder’s pant options before.

Per their site, the slims “don’t look painted on, they’ve just got a modern, tapered design perfect for gussying up at the office or pairing with sneakers và a tee for a more laid back look.” Plenty of stretch (97% cotton, 3% Lycra) means these are comfy all day, and while the calves are bit suffocating, the smaller leg opening can still handle my Stafford Deacons và Red Wing Blacksmiths with ease.


And in this corner..

The Straight fit is far from baggy, but still noticeably roomier than the Slyên. The majority of the looser fit is focused on the lower leg, which has a much less aggressive taper than the Slim. If you frequently rochồng boots, you’re going to be quite pleased with the fit on the Straight.


The leg taper on the slims vs the straights is noticeable, as shown when placed on top of each other.

The new, straight fit version also lists thigh size. This is a welcome addition for anyone worried about just how “slim” or “straight” a fit can be, since it varies so much from retailer to lớn retailer. Straight fits are about 1/2″-3/4″ more generous through the thigh, depending on the waist measurement.


Slim vs. straight thighs. A bit more room in the thighs too.

After trying both, for me, unsurprisingly, it’s still going lớn be the Slyên ổn. Not squeezingly uncomfortable in the least, & stretches so well. In all honesty, I’m having a lot of trouble not falling in love with these.

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But are they worth $98?


Let’s be honest. Flint & Tinder makes heritage goods meant lớn last, và this is an improvement on an already-best-selling product. As I’ve sầu gravitated toward owning less things lately, those things tover lớn have higher unique as a result. Will I add these to my wardrobe? For something I can just as easily wear to work, a nice dinner, or a lazy Sunday, I’d say that door’s wide open.

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