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Love sầu Gmail, but can"t bear Chrome? Firefox has some amazing Gmail extensions that Chrome users would kill for.

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Gmail has given way khổng lồ Google Inbox, & Google Chrome has been winning the battle against Mozilla Firefox. But this one"s for the loyalists who hold on to two of the internet"s most memorable brands. If you heart Firefox và Gmail, you"ll love these extensions.

Recently, I explored Chrome"s best Gmail extensions, và as luck would have it, five sầu of those are on Firefox too: ActiveInbox, Notifus, Checker Plus for Gmail, MailTraông chồng, and Simple Gmail Notes. Naturally, the best is the best, regardless of which browser you use.

Nonetheless, Firefox has plenty of exclusive sầu extensions that Chrome users would kill for.

1. ActiveInbox: Send Mails Later, Use Gmail for Tasks

If you"re a Gmail power user, this is the best extension you can install, & well worth the $50 per year.

That cost includes every major feature missing in Gmail, which you would normally pay for, like:

Schedule emails to skết thúc later. Add tasks. Set due dates for emails và tasks. Add follow-up reminders.

Competitors like Boomerang,, or mxHero Toolbox are great, but ActiveInbox is a better solution khổng lồ deal with inbox overload and gmail to-bởi vì lists.

2. Notifus: Reminder for Unanswered Emails

Notifus is a miễn phí add-on that sends reminders about important emails that you haven"t received a reply on. Instead of the "Send" button, cliông xã one of the buttons to lớn "Sover & remind me in X days." It"s that easy, và it works.

firefox notifus
To use Notifus, you will need to install GreaseMonkey for Firefox first.

Download: GreaseMonkey for Firefox | Notifus for Firefox

3. Checker Plus for Gmail: If You Don"t Always Keep Gmail Open

Checker Plus is an icon in your toolbar that notifies you of new messages. It also lets you persize basic actions lượt thích marking it as read or deleting it. And it can open the sản phẩm điện thoại version of Gmail in a small pop-down pane too.

4. Mailtrack: Did the Recipient Read Your Email?

To see if someone has received and read an important tin nhắn, Mailtraông xã is the easiest miễn phí & unlimited solution. One green tichồng indicates it has reached the recipient"s inbox, và a second green tichồng shows it has been read. Simple & easy.

5. Simple Gmail Notes: Sticky Notes Only You Can See

Simple Gmail Notes lets you add sticky notes to lớn a message. You can customize the color and phông kích thước of the note, and even turn it inkhổng lồ a quick Calendar sự kiện. All the notes are stored on your Google Drive sầu, so your data isn"t going khổng lồ a third buổi tiệc nhỏ.

tin nhắn sticky notes

6. Trimless for Gmail: Show the Full Message

By mặc định, Gmail trims the over of messages. This can be gmail signatures or contents of the previous mails in the chain. Either way, if you want Gmail to lớn show the full message without trimming the over, this is the extension you need. Trimless has one job, and it does that job perfectly.

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firefox trimless

7. Gmail Mail Sidebar: Open Gmail in Sidebar

One of Firefox"s best exclusive features is the customizable sidebar. Extensions like All-In-One Sidebar are irreplaceable & have no comparable alternatives on other browsers.

Gmail Mail Sidebar, as the name suggests, puts the mobile version of Gmail in the Firefox sidebar. This way, you can have your inbox always open, và use it much like you use the Gmail phầm mềm on your iPhone or Android phone.

tin nhắn firefox sidebar

8. Shortcuts for Gmail: More Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts can make Gmail faster and more productive sầu than ever before. If you already know the best ones, then Shortcuts for Gmail adds 12 more you might need.

It introduces shortcuts khổng lồ select message contents, expand/shrink trimmed parts, navigate between links, unvị actions, change text color, and go khổng lồ the next or previous page.

A notification of a new tin nhắn can be a distraction. You stop what you"re doing to check the message, which can be unimportant. But that small switch ends up causing a major shift in your workflow, breaking your concentration. It"s a good practice to turn off distracting tech notifications to be more productive sầu.

DNDThư điện tử stops Gmail from showing new emails to you for mix periods of time. For example, you can tell Gmail to show you emails at every hour, rather than as soon as they come in. It"s a "Do Not Disturb" sign for your inbox. And of course, you can whitecác mục important people like your boss, so you see their messages instantly.

10. Wisestamp: Easy, Rich Gmail Signatures

Gmail lets you add custom signatures in settings, but these don"t always look great. Wisestamp is the easy way to lớn create good-looking signatures with tons of information.

You can add a phokhổng lồ, link to social profiles, và other data about yourself. Customizing the look of the signature is also a breeze. For more, we have sầu a full guide lớn spice up Gmail signatures with Wisestamp.

Download: Wisestamp for Firefox

11. Grammarly: Spellkiểm tra for Gmail

Emails are often meant lớn be professional. And misspellings or bad grammar will quickly make your important gmail seem lượt thích you don"t care enough to proofread it. Grammarly is the easy fix for this.

Grammarly will suggest corrections for spellings, grammar, common phrases, & other mistakes. Like with Microsoft Word, look for words with a red underline. Cliông chồng the words lớn find Grammarly"s suggestions.

Plus, Grammarly isn"t restricted to Gmail alone. It will also check your spellings anywhere else you type, be it Facebook or a forums.

Download: Grammarly for Firefox

What Did We Miss?

Firefox"s Add-Ons store has plenty of other extensions, but I think these are the best you can get for Gmail right now.

What bởi vì you think? Which Firefox add-ons make you more productive with Gmail?

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