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I want khổng lồ send gmail with a dot between my names. I know this is possible using the official Gmail ứng dụng, but how bởi I bởi vì it via the furnituremaisak.com mail app? It works fine until I tin nhắn with someone using Outlook (which a lot of people do), the recipient then sees “My Name “.

I have sầu tried lớn set up the dotted version manually as IMAPhường & SMTP. but I still can’t get rid of the “on behalf of”-problem. Is there anyway you can solve this with the iOS mail or bởi I have sầu to lớn use the Gmail app?

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Hello OllieE11,

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We underst& from your post that you would lượt thích khổng lồ remove sầu the words "on behalf of" when using an alias in Gmail. In a situation like this you will need khổng lồ contact Google Support for assistance.

Google Help

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gmail.com. However, this is unique khổng lồ gmail; most other email systems respect the dot, including Outlook. I actually don’t think using the email app will change anything.

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Hi! And thanks for the reply.

In the Gmail settings you can add an address that you want khổng lồ sover emails from, & I’ve did that in form of adding a dot lớn it. And it works perfectly fine with the dot visible when using the webmail or official Gmail tiện ích. The problem, when I try khổng lồ phối it up in the iOS mail, is that my original address is visible for the recipient (using Outlook) as well as the dotted version. Following is shown in the gmail field: “My Name “ but when using the Gmail tiện ích it’s only “My Name “ without the original address visible.

So, what I was wondering was if I’m doing something wrong when setting up the account in the iOS mail, or if I have sầu lớn use the Gmail ứng dụng for this function?

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Jan 23, 2021 7:12 AM

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