Google drops support of animated gmail emojis


Google"s Gmail service was one of the first platforms with emoji support, dating baông chồng to 2008. However, the platform’s emoji tư vấn within browsers has been neglected over the last number of years.

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Update: ahead of World Emoji Day 2021, Google have sầu announced that Gmail will be receiving fully updated emoji support from July 2021 onwards.

This means that emails viewed in the Gmail web interface don"t properly display emoji skin tone & gender variants.


Above: Broken emojis as shown in the Gmail website interface.

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As of the time of writing (March 2021), these emoji issues usually appear as square symbols or gender signs, shown alongside any unsupported emoji sequence.

Goomoji: the original Gmail emojis

When first introduced lớn Gmail, emojis appeared as colorful animated characters. This was a limited mix, designed to lớn be compatible with Japanese emojis of the day.


Above: Gmail originally used these animated square emojis in 2008.

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This phối was internally known as goomoji, and wasn"t long for this world.

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