How to filter by unread in gmail

Unread emails in your Gmail tài khoản can sometimes get buried under the pile of other messages. As a result, every time you open your Inbox, there will be a message saying you have sầu some unread emails, but you can’t locate them. So, how vày you find unread emails in Gmail?

Next, select the Inbox section.

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Select the Save sầu Changes button at the bottom of the page, & you’re all done.Keep scrolling khổng lồ the bottom of the menu until you locate Settings & select it.This will open another danh mục of settings, scroll down khổng lồ access the Inbox section, and select Inbox Type.

How to Find Unread Emails in Gmail on iPhone

Reaching your unread emails on an iPhone is also quite simple:

mở cửa your Mail ứng dụng và press the Mailboxes button.
Now, tap the empty circle next lớn the Unread button lớn enable the unread view. You can also drag the button with the handle on the right edge and bring it near the top of the danh sách to make it more accessible.

How to lớn Find Unread Emails in Gmail on Android

We’ve already mentioned one way you can kiểm tra your unread emails in the Gmail ứng dụng, but here’s another method for your Android device:

mở cửa your Gmail ứng dụng.Type in “is:unread in:inbox” & press Search.Type in “is:unread” inkhổng lồ the tìm kiếm box and hit Enter. This will reveal all your unread messages or threads with unread emails.Next, kiểm tra the Apply the label function and choose New label…Finally, hit Create filter to save your changes và apply your filter. To finish, check the tiông chồng box to the right to mix the filter lớn your unread messages.Next, type in the following line: “label:unread category:primary”, without quotes.

How to Refine Your Search on Gmail

There are several methods of refining your tìm kiếm on Gmail. You can mix the program to find emails from certain people, dates, or phối other parameters. Here are some examples:

Additional FAQs

Here are some more useful details about managing your unread emails in Gmail:

How Do You Mark Something as Unread in Gmail?

There are multiple ways of marking a message as unread in Gmail:

Marking a Message as Unread with the Toolbar on an iPhone or Android

• Open the tin nhắn you wish to mark as unread. You can select several messages at once. To vì so, tap the symbol in front of the message or press & hold the gmail until it’s checked. Then, choose more emails to include in the collection.

• Hit the Mark Unread button in the Toolbar. If you mark an tin nhắn as unread while reading it, the phầm mềm will go baông xã lớn the tin nhắn danh mục with the email marked as new.


• Go to Mail swipe actions.


• Select Mark as read/unread.


• Go khổng lồ your Inbox và swipe over an email until Mark Unread appears.

• Now, press See all settings.

• Return to lớn your Inbox & access the options represented by the three vertical dots in the same line as the word Unread.

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How Do I Read Emails on Gmail?

This is how you can read your Gmail messages:

• Go khổng lồ your Inbox và select the tab that holds the type of message you wish to lớn see. You should find the most important messages on the Primary tab.

• Choose the message you wish to read & cliông chồng anywhere on the email’s line.

• The entire text of the message will now appear.

• To return lớn your Inbox, hit the Bachồng khổng lồ Inbox option above the email.

How Do I Unsover Emails with Gmail?

The unsover option is automatically enabled on Gmail, but it gives you a very small timeframe to reverse your decision. To make the process more practical, you need khổng lồ adjust the timeframe:

• Hit the Settings button and press the See all settings tab.

• Find the Unvì Send section & select your ikhuyến mãi timeframe. Choose between 30, trăng tròn, 10, or 5 seconds.

• When you wish to lớn unsover an gmail, find the Undo option in the Message Sent window and press it.

Traông chồng Them All Down

You finally know how to locate all your unread Gmail messages in one place. Regardless of your device, you’ll now have sầu an easier time managing your Inbox & minimizing the chances of missing a crucial email. So, get to lớn work & see if any important emails may have skipped your attention.

Did you succeed in finding your unread emails in Gmail? Let us know in the comments below.


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