Easily find archived emails in gmail

If you have a busy và complicated inbox, then often it can be useful khổng lồ archive old emails rather than delete them or store them under labels. This allows you to lớn access them when you really need them, without cluttering your dashboard.

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Luckily, Gmail makes it just as easy to lớn retrieve sầu archived emails as it does khổng lồ archive them in the first place.

What Are Archived Emails?

Archived emails are messages that are stored in a secure thư mục, letting you miễn phí up storage space in your inbox. Essentially, it’s a way of saving và protecting the data in emails that you don’t want lớn keep in your inbox, while letting you retrieve them quickly.

In Gmail, this means moving gmail messages from your inbox into “All Mail,” where they are stored on the Gmail VPS. Here, you can access & retrieve sầu them (move them baông xã inlớn any folder/label) at any time.

How khổng lồ Find Archived Emails in Gmail

When you archive sầu your messages, technically you’re removing them from your inbox. However, they’re still kept in your Gmail trương mục.

Your archived emails aren’t kept in a folder lượt thích your “trash” or “important” folders; instead, they’re found in All mail.

Step 1. On your desktop, scroll through the left-hand menu of your Gmail dashboard to find All mail (you may need khổng lồ cliông chồng on More if you have lots of folders).


Step 2. When you select All mail, the emails in all your folders, your trash, và those you’ve archived, will all be shown.

Step 3. To access your archived emails in your Gmail tiện ích on your tablet or điện thoại thông minh, navigate to & click on the three lines next lớn the search bar.

Step 4. Scroll down the menu và cliông chồng All mail.


Accesing Specific Archived Emails in Gmail

Once you’re able lớn view All mail, you can now use the search bar to narrow your search to lớn find a specific email.

Either type in the email address of the recipient whose tin nhắn you want to locate, or cliông chồng on the arrow lớn the right of the search bar to carry out an advanced search.


How khổng lồ Retrieve sầu your Archived Emails in your Browser

Retrieving your archived emails simply means placing them bachồng in your inbox.

To vì chưng this, go khổng lồ All mail as shown above:

Step 1. Select the gmail or emails you want lớn retrieve baông xã lớn your inbox. Emails that are already in your inbox are marked Inbox.


Step 2. Cliông xã the Move to lớn inbox ibé in the top menu.

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Step 3. You’ll then see a pop-up to confirm that your email is being sent to lớn your inbox. You also get a chance khổng lồ Unvì this comm&.

How to Retrieve sầu your Archived Emails on your thiết bị di động App

On the thiết bị di động or tablet ứng dụng, locate All mail, and select the email you want khổng lồ retrieve sầu.

Step 1. In the tin nhắn, clichồng on the three dots at the top right of the message.


Step 2. In the thực đơn, cliông xã on Move khổng lồ inbox.


Step 3. Again, you’ll see a confirmation pop-up which gives you the opportunity to Unvị the comm&.

Why you Might Need khổng lồ Retrieve sầu Archived Emails

It’s good gmail management khổng lồ archive emails you don’t need currently, but that you don’t want to delete forever.

Maybe you’ve completed a project, it’s all signed off, and you’re ready to relieve your inbox of the hundreds of emails associated with it. But there’s every chance you may need to lớn refer lớn some of those emails in the future, so permanently deleting them would be a bad idea.

How to lớn Find Archived Emails – FAQ

Where can I find archived emails in Gmail?

To archive sầu an email in Gmail, simply open the message & click the archive sầu button (the first in the các mục of icons at the top of the message). The gmail message is now instantly moved from your inbox inlớn the label called “All Mail,” where it will stay until you move sầu it manually baông chồng to lớn your Inbox.

How can I tìm kiếm for archived emails in Gmail?

Frustratingly, Gmail doesn’t have sầu a specific “Archived” label, so you don’t have the option lớn scroll through the left hvà thực đơn to lớn find where all your archived emails are stored.

Instead, you have sầu two options for locating your archived Gmail messages:

1. Type in the relevant information (e.g. email, date, form size, keywords, recipient) into lớn the Gmail tìm kiếm bar.

2. Scroll khổng lồ the “All Mail” label khổng lồ locate every single tin nhắn in your Gmail account (including your archived messages).

How vị I retrieve archived emails in Gmail?

When an tin nhắn message is archived in Gmail, it simply means that an “Archive” label has been attached to lớn it. So, khổng lồ retrieve sầu an archived gmail, you need lớn locate the message & remove the “Archive” label.

Once you’ve located your archived tin nhắn, open it & go to lớn the “Move” icon in the toolbar. Select the thư mục you want to lớn move it khổng lồ. This will instantly remove the “Archive” label and move sầu the message lớn the thư mục you specified.

How do I find và retrieve sầu archived emails in the Gmail app?

Just lượt thích on the desktop Gmail trang web, there is no “Archived” label in the app where you can find all your archived messages. Instead, to lớn tìm kiếm for an archived email in your Gmail app:

1. Enter recipient name, từ khoá or subject lines inlớn the Gmail search bar.

2. Cliông chồng on the hamburger menu to scroll through labels lớn find the “All Mail” label.

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To retrieve sầu the archived message, open the email & tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen. Tap “Move sầu to inbox”, và your message will be instantly sent back lớn your inbox & the “Archive” label removed.

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