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"By working with the official partner organizations, Key Clubs serve children by aiding other organizations committed khổng lồ serving children."

The Key Club International (KCI) has 3 beneficial service partners: Children"s Miracle Network, UNICEF, & March of Dimes.

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Children"s Miracle Network

"Children"s Miracle Network(CMN) is a nonprofit organization that raises money lớn benefit hospitalized kids & increases awareness of its thành viên hospitals. All CMN contributions directly benefit hospitals, helping to lớn purchase up-to-date equipment, train staff, conduct life-saving research, implement outreach programs, & provide healthcare for children whose parents can"t afford lớn pay." -

Pediatric Trauma Program



UNICEF is one of the most recognizable children"s organization across the world. Not only bởi they commit và work with Key Club International (KCI), but also with many other non-governmental organizations.


March of Dimes

Pediatric Trauma Program Week (2020 Info Coming Soon!)PTPhường. Week will be happening on October 17th-21st, năm nhâm thìn. We will collaborate with CNH Circle K and CNH KIWIN"S. Be sure to lớn lớn post pictures on social media with the #PTPWEEKnăm nhâm thìn in order khổng lồ pump up the spirit and the funds raised for PTP! MAKE IT KNOWN MONDAYChange your protệp tin pictures or just post a picture on social truyền thông with the overlay in order to lớn show that you stand in tư vấn of the Pediatric Trauma Program.Aside from simply changing your protệp tin picture, you can also watch a PTP relating Clip in order to stay educated và get inspired for the rest of the week. Feel miễn phí khổng lồ relay the đoạn Clip you watch to lớn your trang chính club presidents and ask if they can be played during the meeting.Another option, is khổng lồ play some ice breakers that relate khổng lồ PTP.. You can create a board game or a simple get-to-know someone icebreaker that has relation Pediatric Trauma.TOO YOUNG TUESDAYToo many children die early from Pediatric Trauma. This means too many lives that weren’t lived, & too many possibilities left unfulfilled. In order lớn spark questions from your peers & khổng lồ educate others wear gear such as helmets và knee pads. Wear the things that a child should’ve been wearing so that their life would not have ended. To continue advocating & raising awareness, we also urge that you make a short video clip where you vì chưng something for or related khổng lồ PTP.. and child safety. This can mean anything from looking both ways when you cross the street to buckling up before you start driving lớn putting on safety equipment when doing sports or khổng lồ making sure your friends và siblings are safe. This is the #PTPCHALLENGE! Be sure to gmail in your submissions lớn This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to lớn view it., This gmail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled lớn view it., và This gmail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled lớn view it. by October 25th. The winning Clip will be featured on the future newsletters.

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WEBINAR WEDNESDAY To continue the week of education and advocation, invite members to lớn attend our informational webinar about PTP và how khổng lồ fill out the grant application & learn more about what PTPhường is và what it supports. However, if you are unable lớn attkết thúc, then host or participate in a service project in relation lớn PTP for example, print a template and create PTPhường Dolls. If you don’t have sầu access to the materials, other service related to lớn child safety are acceptable this can include canvassing to lớn your communities about safety issues.SPARK A THOUGHT THURSDAYAs PTPhường. Week comes to a quichồng cchiến bại, be sure lớn chia sẻ all the knowledge that you have accumulated throughout the week. Be sure to nói qua that knowledge on how khổng lồ prsự kiện pediatric trauma. This can be done through a quiông xã “Did you know?” tweet, or through a long informative Facebook post. Feel không lấy phí khổng lồ also share a baby picture. You made it, you didn’t suffer from pediatric trauma, and that’s something worth sharing. A lot of us take many things for granted, including the fact that we are alive sầu và well.Annually, 9 million children will go khổng lồ the ER because of unintentional injury and 225,000 will die. 90% of these cases are preventable. The Pediatric Trauma Program strives lớn develop local projects that will reduce the number of children who are killed or injured by trauma. Another way to spark a thought on Thursday is by hosting a fundraiser for PTP!You can also choose to bởi a Throwbaông chồng Thursday. Use the #OnceUponAChildhood nội dung memories of yourself as a child, games you liked khổng lồ play, things you wanted lớn vì, sentiments of people you want to thank from your childhood that helped you become who you are today.

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FROM THE HEART FRIDAYJust like that, the kết thúc of PTPhường week is here. There are so many people lớn show gratitude for. Write thank you letters to lớn Partnering Hospital’s doctors, nurses, và other staff members lớn show your appreciate for all the work that they bởi. You can do this with your trang chủ club, or individually. You can also extkết thúc the thanks khổng lồ your parents, & thank them for keeping you alive and safe.

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