Make gmail your default email program

Want the right email program lớn open when you click an email address in Chrome? Wish web-based gmail (such as Gmail or could be the default? Find out here how to lớn change the mặc định email program in Google Chrome (even to lớn using a web-based email service).

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I vị not see the service handler inhỏ for my favorite email service.Can I manually add a web-based gmail service lớn Google Chrome for use as the default for email links?

First, 9 on a Scale of 1 khổng lồ 8

To measure cloudiness, the sky is divided in eight parts. With every part that is filled with clouds, cloudiness increases by 1: a clear sky is 0, partly cloudy is, say, 4 và a completely covered sky would be 8. So far, so good.

Then, of course, there is cloudiness 9.

Yes, that means the sky is more than completely covered—because you cannot even see the clouds through the fog. So, cloudiness 9 means you cannot see the sky at all, only fog.

Now, the mặc định tin nhắn program is typically a choice between Outlook, Mail, Spark & similar desktop programs. Except, of course, when you need not even see the gmail program from Google Chrome because the browser itself — a web-based gmail service such as iCloud Mail or Gmail in it — covers the email program needs.

Still foggy? Let’s clear the skies for email links handling in Google Chrome:

How lớn Change the Default Thư điện tử Program in Google Chrome

In Chrome for the Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To make Google Chrome use a different email client when you clichồng an gmail address or gmail link:

Quit Google Chrome.

In Chrome for iOS and Android

mở cửa a tab in Chrome for iOS or Android.Tap the menu button (
).Select Settings from the thực đơn.Now choose Content Settings.Piông chồng Default apps from the Content Settings thực đơn.Select the preferred gmail program under MAIL.Example: Pick Gmail khổng lồ open the Gmail phầm mềm by default for email in Chrome.

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Option: Enable Ask me which app khổng lồ use every time to get a sheet with options every time you tap an gmail address.
Tap ⟨Back.Now tap Done.

How khổng lồ Use a Web-Based Email Service as Default with Google Chrome

To phối a web-based tin nhắn service in Google Chrome (such as Gmail, Outlook on the Web or iCloud Mail) as the mặc định tin nhắn program:

Click the hamburger thực đơn icon () in Google Chrome.SelectSettings from the menu that has appeared.Under Privacy & security, SelectSite settings.Cliông chồng Additional permissions (under Permissions).EnableAllow sites to ask lớn become mặc định handlers for protocols (recommended).Note: If this setting is disabled, it will read Do not allow any site to handle protocols.Clichồng the hamburger menu inhỏ () next lớn the desired service under email.Tip: If the service you want khổng lồ use does not yet appear under the list, see below for adding it.SelectSet as default from the menu that has appeared.

Add a Web-Based Thư điện tử Service to lớn Google Chrome for Handing E-Mail Links

If the gmail service you want to lớn use by default is not yet in the list, add it as a mail handler:

If the service you want lớn use is listed underBlocked, clichồng the × next khổng lồ it.SelectAllow underAllow ___ to lớn open all email links?.ClickDone.

This will automatically make Google Chrome the default tin nhắn program và the selected tin nhắn service open with a new message when you cliông chồng an gmail address.

How khổng lồ Change the Default E-Mail Program in Google Chrome: FAQ

I do not see the service handler inhỏ for my favorite tin nhắn service.Can I manually add a web-based tin nhắn service to Google Chrome for use as the default for gmail links?


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To add a web-based email service khổng lồ handle clicks on email addresses with a new message (và the recipient already filled in) when the service handler ibé is not available:

Open the email service you wish to lớn use by default in Google Chrome.Cliông chồng the Google Chromehamburger menu ibé ().Go to lớn the Console tab.Hit Enter.Under __ wants to lớn xuất hiện email liên kết instead of ___(which appears below the address bar in Google Chrome), select Allow.

(How to lớn change the mặc định tin nhắn program in Google Chrome tested with Google Chrome 90; updated May 2021)

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