How to select all unread emails in gmail

Need to delete, mark read or move sầu a big bunch of unread messages quickly? Find out here how lớn select (and act on — say, delete) all unread emails in Gmail at once.

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First, Awake or Sweet: Piông chồng One

When adenosine receptors are activated, sweet tastes even sweeter. While caffeine keeps you awake, itmeddles with those adenosine receptors: it blocks their activation. You are awake then — to life’s appalling laông xã of sweetness.

Now, it if it is all those unread emails in Gmail that keep you awake, you can make the whole lot disappear quickly. Sweet, is it not?

Let’s get started!

How khổng lồ Select All Unread Emails in Gmail

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To select và act on all unread emails in Gmail, no matter in what label or thư mục they may hide:

Cliông chồng in the Search mail field at the top.

Gmail keyboard shortcut: With Gmail keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can also press /.

Press Enter.

Now cliông xã the Select button in the toolbar.

Keyboard shortcut: The corresponding Gmail keyboard shortcut here is * a.


Cliông chồng Select all conversation that match this search if Gmail displays it at the top.

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Note: This means more emails than fit on one page of Gmail tìm kiếm results are unread. Clicking makes sure all these emails are selected, not just those you see listed on the first page.

How to Select All Unread Emails in Gmail: FAQ

Can I use simple HTML Gmail for that?

No, there is no simple way to delete unread messages in bulk usingsimple HTML Gmail.

While you can find all unread messages usingis:unread in:anywhere, there is, alas, no easy method to lớn select all messages matching the search criteria và move them lớn the trash.

Do you have sầu the search term to lớn select all unread in Gmail khổng lồ copy & paste?

Sure, to find unread messages across all of Gmail (except Trash & Spam), copy and paste the following tìm kiếm term:


Can I select all unread emails in the Gmail App for Android or iPhone?

No, there is, alas, no simple way to lớn mass-select unread emails in the Gmail apps for Android & iOS.

While you can tìm kiếm for all unread messages using is:unread in:anywhere, you cannot easily select và act on all messages in one go.

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Instead of using the Gmail phầm mềm, do

select or delete all unread emails using the steps above.

(How khổng lồ select all unread emails tested with Gmail in a desktop browser; updated July 2021)

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