How to add or remove word from google chrome spelling

If you added a misspelled word to lớn your Chrome’s danh mục of customer words, you can remove them. This article explains how to remove sầu such words from Chrome’s user dictionary.

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Google Chrome Custom Dictionary

Google Chrome has a mặc định spell checker lớn help you keep your writing error-free. You can customize this dictionary by adding new words.

When Chrome spell checker marks a word incorrect, right-click và choose “Add khổng lồ dictionary” to add it. The next time you type this word, Chrome will not mark it incorrect.

Now, how bởi we remove sầu if we no longer need that word in the dictionary or if we added a word by mistake?

Remove Words From Custom Dictionary


To remove a word from Chrome’s custom words dictionary:

Go khổng lồ Settings > Advanced > Languages > Manage spell cheông xã. You can also open a new tab & go to chrome://settings/editDictionary to go lớn this page.Under Custom words, find the word that you want lớn remove sầu.Cliông xã the X ibé next to lớn the word to remove sầu it.

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Add New Words

You can add new words to this list from the chrome://settings/editDictionary page too. Enter the new word in the “Add a new word” field & clichồng “Add word“.

If you have sầu followup questions, let us know in the comments section và we will update the article with additional information.

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