How to prevent emails from the same sender being grouped

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One of my favorite things about software is when they provide you lots of different options so you can customize it to work the way you want it. One of my least favorite things is when they make the option I don’t like the mặc định :).

Recently I’ve sầu seen several comments from friends about how they hate that Gmail & Yahoo Mail now thread email conversations instead of simply displaying all the received messages in chronological order. In this post, I’m going lớn show you how to change it bachồng khổng lồ unthreaded, with an added bonus of showing you how to do it in some other popular email clients as well.

What is Threading?

Threading is when your tin nhắn service sorts your messages so that all the replies and forwards are grouped together rather than just listing them in the order they arrived in your Inbox. It’s also referred to lớn as “conversations.” The screenshots below show an example of each type in Gmail.

Unthreaded This is what I consider the standard view of an Inbox. As each message comes in, it gets added lớn the top of the danh sách. It doesn’t include any of the related sent messages.


Threaded This is what the Inbox looks lượt thích when the messages are threaded.


You’ll see the first chiến thắng shows a “(4)” in it khổng lồ indicate there are four messages in the conversation, because it includes both the messages sent và the messages received. If you clichồng on that vật phẩm, you’ll see all four messages, with the most recent one (at the bottom) fully expanded.

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cảnh báo also that the Inbox menu has the two unrelated messages that came in between the messages in the conversation showing below it. This is why I don’t lượt thích the threaded danh mục. My brain expects lớn see the messages in the order they came in. It may not look that bad in this example where there’s just one threaded conversation, but when there are a lot more I find the whole thing confusing khổng lồ follow, especially when you add forwarded messages inlớn the mix.

Also note that if someone changes the subject line along the way, that message is no longer included in the conversation, adding yet another level of confusion.


Turning Threading On và Off

In Gmail on Desktop

Click the gear (Settings) ibé at the top right.Go to Settings > General.Clichồng the radio button for turning on/off the Conversation View.Clichồng the Save sầu Changes button.


In Gmail Smartphone Apps

In August 2018, Google FINALLY added the ability lớn turn off conversation view in their Android & iOS apps.



To turn off conversation view, go into the Gmail app’s Settings and select one of the listed mail accounts. You’ll then be taken lớn a screen that gives you an option to lớn turn threading on or off.

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This change will only apply lớn that specific trương mục, so you’ll need lớn go baông xã and select any other ones you have if you want khổng lồ apply it khổng lồ those as well.

(Side note: I actually discovered this a few hours after I had been ranting to lớn a frikết thúc about how Google kept refusing lớn bởi this. Time khổng lồ start ranting about some other stuff methinks…
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