How to save gmail attachments on android

Recently, my workplace moved to Google services based environment, and that includes adapting Chrome as our mặc định browser rather than IE. When using Gmail, I am trying to lớn tải về a file I received as an attachment lớn a location on my hard drive sầu (& NOT lớn the Downloads folder). I only see the option khổng lồ tải về lớn that folder or khổng lồ my Google Drive. When trying Save sầu As... from the context menu, the browser saves the whole HTML page & not just the attachment.

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How can I tell Chrome khổng lồ save the attachment in a desired location?



This option is actually within the Chrome settings.

Cliông chồng the options button (3 lines)Select SettingsCliông chồng Advanced SettingsScroll khổng lồ the section called Downloads

You can change the location here by ticking the box.

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It appears that the Chrome settings allow you to open an "Advanced" mode settings page. There, there is a section for handling downloads & where you can check the box telling it khổng lồ ask the user before every download.


This SettingsAdvanced SettingsDownloadsDownloadsLocation option appears lớn work for every attached file except a PDF (at least on the Mac version of Chrome that I use). When an attachment is a PDF, no pop-up window asking where lớn save sầu appears as it does for Word, Excel và various image just automatically downloads.

To save a PDF without downloading first, after changing the tải về location setting, right click on the PDF attachment inhỏ in the gmail, cliông chồng "xuất hiện Link in New Window," & then once the PDF is open in the new browser window, clicking the tải về icon will trigger the pop-up, giving you the option khổng lồ "Save As."


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