How to fix gmail server error 007

Server error 007 in Gmail can often happen to your browsers, such as Firefox và Google Chrome. When you search online, Chrome oops… a VPS error occurred & your tin nhắn was not sent comes lớn you on Windows 10.

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It is common that this Gmail error code 007 appears on Google Chrome only or it displays on other browsers rather than on Chrome or Firefox. Whatever the case is, Gmail freezes and cannot be sent as the oops… a VPS error occurred và your email was not sent 007.

Get ready to remove sầu this Avast Gmail email error from Chrome or Firefox.

How to lớn Fix Gmail Server Error 007?

If you find that a server error occurred và your email was not sent appears only on a certain browser, lượt thích Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer, it indicates that the error lies in the browser itself. For instance, the Gmail features embedded in Chrome or Firefox or cookies left in the browser.

However, sometimes the third-các buổi party anti-virus programs, such as Avast and AVG, can also cause Gmail error 007 Chrome. You need to take measures lớn giảm giá with email error for Windows 10.

Solution 1: Uninstall Third-party Software

As you have sầu been prompted, some anti-virus application, like Avast, may hinder Chrome from sending or receiving emails in Gmail.

That is why now you are supposed lớn remove the software from Windows 10 in order to lớn fix oops… a hệ thống error occurred và your tin nhắn was not saved.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Choose to lớn View by Category & then locate Uninstall a program under Programs.


3. In Programs & Features window, find out the anti-virut software and right cliông xã it to lớn Uninstall it.

4. Restart your PC lớn take effect.

Without the interception of the third-buổi tiệc nhỏ application, it is likely you are able lớn sover emails as usual without meeting Gmail hệ thống error 007.

Here as for antivirut software, especially for Avast, besides uninstalling it, you can also try lớn disable tin nhắn signature in Avast settings lớn see if it works.

Solution 2: Disable Chrome Cookies

It can be helpful for oops… a VPS error occurred and your email was not sent 007 khổng lồ remove the cookies or extensions you have sầu left on your browsers, lượt thích Google Chrome or Firefox.

Once the browsing history is deleted from Chrome, Gmail error #007 will not come up when you tìm kiếm online.

1. Open Google Chrome and then select Settings image khổng lồ piông xã out More tools.

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2. Then choose to lớn Clear browsing data.


Here you can see you can also hit the combination key Ctrl + Shift + Del khổng lồ clear up the cookies.

If you have sầu removed all the browsing history you have searched on Chrome, when you want khổng lồ send emails, there will be no more interruption from the features designed for Google Chrome users.

Solution 3: Disable Background Send in Chrome

That is a lab feature for Google Chrome. It is said that your Gmail VPS error may be caused by this feature on Google Chrome.

So you may as well decide lớn stop this feature for Chrome Windows 10.

1. Log on to your Gmail account in Google Chrome.

2. Then clichồng the settings image in Gmail và then select Setting from the các mục.


3. Then under the Lab tab, đầu vào Background Send khổng lồ search for it.

4. After you find out the Background Send, try lớn Disable it.

Upon the time you stopped the lab feature for Chrome, it is possible that Windows 10 Gmail error 007 disappeared & the browser will not remind you of oops… a server error occurred and your gmail was not sent Chrome or Firefox.

Solution 4: Update Google Chrome or Firefox Application

For some reasons, it is likely that something went wrong with your Chrome or Firefox or other browsers on your PC. In this way, you are unable khổng lồ send emails successfully and happen to Gmail skết thúc error #007.

From this perspective sầu, there is much need for you to get a new and up-to-date browser for Windows 10.

You may as well navigate khổng lồ the official site lớn check if there are any updates for your Chrome.

Once you installed it on your PC, attempt khổng lồ sover an tin nhắn in Gmail, this time you won’t encounter the Gmail error code 007 on Windows 10.

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To make a conclusion, if you feel like lớn solve Chrome or Firefox Gmail VPS error 007 that oops… a VPS error occurred & your email was not saved, the ways above are the most targeted and efficient. Let’s get started lớn fix this gmail freezes error Windows 10.

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