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Easiest option: xuất hiện the thành phầm in Gmail and press Ctrl-D in Windows or Cmd-D on a Mac.Next easiest: mở cửa the thành quả and go to lớn Bookmarks > Add Bookmark.

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Bookmarking is usually something you do in a website browser lớn quickly return lớn a page, but they appear on other platforms, too. Here"s how khổng lồ mark Gmail messages, searches, and other elements so that you can easily pull them back up in the future.

Bookmark any Label, Folder, Search or Message in Gmail

Gmail contains a labeling system that gives you even more control over organizing your inbox than just putting messages into lớn folders. And you can take things one step further by combining them with an option that"s already available in your browser: bookmarks.

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Bookmarks can sort out labels, folders, & messages. You can also save Gmail searches và make anything you"ve bookmarked available with a single clichồng. Here"s how khổng lồ use them to keep your Gmail inbox more usable.


The keyboard shortcut to lớn add a bookmark is Command-D on a Mac và Ctrl-D in Windows. Chrome also has a star icon in the address bar that you can clichồng to lớn add a bookmark instantly.

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Give the bookmark a name and save sầu it. You can put it in your browser"s favorites bar khổng lồ make it accessible at any time.

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