20 ways to use gmail filters

Decluttering and organizing your Gmail inbox is a daily chore. There is a smarter way lớn bởi it. Create four basic types of filters in Gmail to sort your emails right automatically.

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Not using email is not an option for many of us. So better gmail management it is!

Decluttering & organizing your Gmail inbox is great, but it still requires your input, và therefore your time và attention. That"s not always igiảm giá, which means it"s time for these questions:

Which tasks can you delegate to lớn Gmail? How can you avoid dealing with most email on a daily basis? How vày you keep your inbox from going out of control if you decide khổng lồ ignore your email?

The gmail strategy that we"ll explore today has some answers for you. It involves creating four basic types of filters in Gmail lớn sort your emails right automatically. This way you can overlook them most of the time & then batch-process them with ease, say, once every couple of days.

How lớn Create a Gmail Filter

By creating an gmail filter you"re establishing a mix of rules that tell your inbox how it should process a certain tin nhắn.

To create a filter in Gmail, first cliông xã on the gear icon below your protệp tin picture at the top right in your inbox và go lớn Settings > Filters & Blocked Addresses. Next, clichồng on the Create a new filter liên kết there khổng lồ start the thiết lập.

In the Create Filter panel (shown below) that comes up, you"ll need lớn specify at least one criterion — such as a sender gmail address, a subject line, or a keyword — lớn filter emails. Once you vì that, cliông chồng on the Create filter with this search link at the bottom right in the panel.

This takes you to the next panel (shown below). There, you can specify what you want Gmail to bởi vì with the emails that match your search criteria. You can choose lớn archive them, mark them as read, delete them, mark them as important, etc. Cheông xã all the boxes that apply & clichồng the Create Filter button. And that"s that!

Note: In the Inbox view of Gmail, you can drag and drop emails between the tabs and set up customized filters for incoming messages.


To Direct Emails from All Domains But One to lớn a Specific Folder

If the most important work emails you receive only ever come from a single domain or even 2-3 of them, create a filter to lớn keep only those emails in your inbox & push the rest to lớn a separate thư mục.

99.99% of the time, my work-related emails come from the domain furnituremaisak.com. That"s why I have created a filter that identifies emails:

that are not from furnituremaisak.com, forces them lớn skip the inbox, & applies the label Misc (short for Miscellaneous) to them

Now when I open my furnituremaisak.com inbox, there"s no gmail that isn"t relevant to my work. As it is the frequency of emails has reduced since we moved lớn Slachồng.

Note: To exclude emails from a particular tên miền, in the From/To field you"ll need syntax that looks like this: -*
— the minus (-) sign excludes the email address that comes after it. In this case that happens to lớn be any email address from the tên miền furnituremaisak.com, as signified by *

To Direct To-vày Emails to lớn an "Action" Folder

If you get too many emails, it"s easy to thua kém traông chồng of those that you need khổng lồ take action on. To prsự kiện this from happening, filter out the to-bởi emails based on the sender, subject, or keywords, and direct those emails lớn a separate folder.

One type of to-bởi email that I get in my furnituremaisak.com inbox is the comment notification that tells me that one of my articles got a comment from a reader. To ensure that I don"t forget khổng lồ respond khổng lồ comments, I have sầu mix up a filter that:

identifies emails with the subject Comment:, forces them khổng lồ skip the inbox, và applies the label Comments khổng lồ them
This filter directs all bình luận notifications khổng lồ a separate folder. I check that folder once every 2-3 days and reply lớn comments in batches.

To Auto-delete Emails That Just Don"t Quit

Preventing gmail from reaching your inbox is much better than dealing with it once it"s in your inbox. That"s why I"d recommkết thúc making liberal use of Gmail"s Bloông chồng & Unsubscribe buttons. You could even get yourself a smart unsubscribe tool like Unroll.me.

But how you khuyến mãi with emails from mailing lists that don"t honor unsubscribe requests or from people that you can"t bloông chồng even if you"d like to? And what about those emails that end up in your inbox no matter how many times you mark them as spam? There"s a way out:

create a filter khổng lồ identify emails based on the sender"s gmail address, và instruct Gmail khổng lồ delete those emails automatically
If you don"t like deleting emails without taking a look at them, choose the Skip the Inbox (Archive it) option to lớn archive sầu the emails. Use the Apply the label: option if you want them all in one place.

Note: Don"t hit the Unsubscribe button or liên kết in spam emails. It"s one of those mistakes that bring you more spam.

Achieving Inbox Zero is not as important as resisting the urge lớn kiểm tra email every few minutes is. The latter becomes easier when there are zero unread emails sitting in your inbox every time you open it. Make this happen by creating a filter khổng lồ mark all incoming email as read automatically.

While adding the filter, first use your tin nhắn address in the To field khổng lồ filter all emails sent khổng lồ it. Then, use the Mark as read checkbox to mark every last gmail as read.

If you use the same Gmail account for managing gmail from other accounts, you"ll need lớn create similar filters for those other email addresses as well.

With this strategy, you"ll soon thảm bại your eagerness lớn check your inbox for new mail & will prefer getting around to it when you have sầu time. To me, this is the most useful Gmail filter ever.

3 Tips to lớn Dodge Thư điện tử Further

Move newsletters lớn your feed reader. Opt for getting only a select few as email updates. For the rest of them, visit each newsletter archive and add its link to lớn your feed reader.

Hide all labels from the sidebar by clicking on the arrow next khổng lồ each label and selecting Hide under In Label list: in the dropdown that appears. Keep only the Inbox link visible.

After you create filters based on #1 and #4, your inbox contains only the most important emails that you need lớn tackle, & even those appear read. This means that you can afford to lớn ignore emails under all other labels and process them once in 2-3 days or even just once a week.

Cut back on personal tin nhắn.

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It"s easy lớn vì this if you"re active sầu on social media. The key is to move all but the most crucial communication from your inbox khổng lồ platforms that you"re either not as addicted to or can afford to lớn ignore.

If you use tin nhắn for sharing documents, switch to sharing files & folders via Google Drive or any other cloud storage/sharing service. Discuss shared documents in the Comments section on individual documents or via chat instead of gmail messages. This makes it easy to keep a record of things without cluttering up your inbox.

The Next Best Thing to Giving up Email

Giving up gmail is next khổng lồ impossible in these times. At least, with the right tin nhắn filters in place, you"re sure to lớn have less noise lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with. You know what that means, right? More time for other things in your life!

Have sầu you instructed Gmail to dodge, deflect, & destroy emails without bothering you? Share with us the types of Gmail filters you use to lớn reduce tin nhắn găng tay.

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