How can i find all messages in gmail that have no label?

These are tìm kiếm commands for when you need lớn find that email or attachment you’ve sầu lost inside Gmail, quickly filter emails by a specific phrase or keywords, and lot’s more helpful functions (you’ll see in a minute).

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In this article, you’ll learn what Gmail tìm kiếm operators are, why they are useful for finding things in a cluttered inbox as well a collection of useful search operators you can use to up your gmail management game.

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What Are Gmail Search Operators?

Gmail search operators (also known as Gmail tìm kiếm commands) are text strings made up of words và symbols that you can use in the Gmail tìm kiếm box khổng lồ help filter your inbox/Gmail search results.

You can also combine operators khổng lồ filter your results even more. Through the use of these commands to lớn modify your tìm kiếm, you can get much more satisfying Gmail search results, and generally just find things faster.

Here’s what Gmail operators look in action looks like:


Examples of some useful Gmail Search Operators

You can see the official documentation from Google here (it also lists out all the search operators you can use).

So Why Use Gmail Search Operators?

If you only have a few emails inside your Gmail inbox, it may not be too difficult to lớn keep track of everything.

However, for most people, this isn’t the case (especially if you are working remotely). Chances are you have a lot of emails & even the best G Suite thiết đặt và all the useful Gmail add-ons in the world can’t save sầu you sometimes.

Gmail is the most popular tin nhắn platform with over 1.5 billion users worldwide, with 26% of emails being opened within Gmail. That’s a lot of emails.

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E-Mail client usage statistics

Gmail tìm kiếm operators save sầu you time. Instead of browsing through all your messages just lớn find the one that one thing you’re looking for, just use an operator.

Using these Gmail tìm kiếm commands you can quickly:

Search for messages from a specific senderFind emails sent khổng lồ a certain personSearch for specific keywordsAnd more.

You can also string together multiple search operators to lớn get even more specific results (more on that later).


How to string together multiple search operators khổng lồ get even more specific results

The One Disadvantage of Gmail Search Operators

Gmail tìm kiếm operators can và will save sầu you time. There’s just one thing that can prevent them from working as well and it has to lớn bởi with SMTPhường ports.

Let me explain:

If you access your gmail through a Gmail tài khoản, you’ll be okay to lớn freely use these operators lớn find emails.

However, if you have an IMAP trương mục that is configured using the Gmail ứng dụng, results may not be as accurate when it comes to lớn Gmail search operators.

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Just bear that in mind when searching your inbox for that important email you’ve sầu lost.

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