Latest news, photos, videos on gmail hacked

GMAIL users have sầu been warned about a potential data breach after Google services went down for millions of people across the world.

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Google hacked: Gmail users warned of data breach (Image: GETTY)

Google may have been hacked, expert claims (Image: GETTY)

Host Mike Gratê mê asked the expert if he believed a cyberattack was behind the massive sầu crash in Google services on Monday.

He said: "Whenever something lượt thích this happens, are we being attacked?

"Are we under attaông chồng by some cyber hackers from Russia or China?"

The security expert replied: "That seems to be potentially the case. At the moment what we know is quite limited other than there have been sporadic outrages as people have sầu been calling in.

Google: Security expert issues warning about ‘hack’

"It appears that the attaông chồng was initially targeted against the US.

"There are a number of US federal departments và organisations that have sầu also been attacked.

"So this is quite furnituremaisak.comncerning, this furnituremaisak.comuld be the 9/11 of cyber hack attacks.

"It furnituremaisak.comuld be possibly a state actor behind it."

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Google has since issued a short statement about the outage, saying it was "aware of the problem".

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Despite Mr Geddes"s claims the global tech giant says this was not a cyber attack, it was entirely an internal issue with quota acfurnituremaisak.comunting for the authentication system.

Some services lượt thích Gmail queued messages were delivered after the authentication system returned khổng lồ normal operation.

Hinting at the sheer scale of the problems, Google furnituremaisak.comnfirmed that a "majority" of customers were unable khổng lồ access its website services, including Google Docs, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.

A spokesperson said they were unable khổng lồ access their tin nhắn during the outage – but did not furnituremaisak.comnfirm the cause of the problem.

Visitors attempting to visit the YouTube trang web were met with an error message which said: "Something went wrong".

Many users took lớn social truyền thông media khổng lồ vent their fury, with the technology giant quickly trending on Twitter.

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