Why my imap gmail is not responding?

Is your email client showing the error message ibản đồ.email.com is not responding?

Email users prefer to access tin nhắn via the safest, most stable & easiest mail clients, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.

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However, many of them have sầu often experienced an error like imap.gmail.com is not responding in their Devices.

At furnituremaisak.com, we often get requests from our customers lớn fix an error message ibản đồ.gmail.com is not responding as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s get into lớn the details on how our Support Engineers fix this error.

Reasons for the error message imap.gmail.com is not responding?

Usually, this error occurs due to bad gmail settings or because of minor problems with the tin nhắn hệ thống or internet connection. Also, the customer may experience this error while receiving the mail on the email client.

The users may get the following error in the Email client,


Error message imap.tin nhắn.com is not responding – How we fixed

At furnituremaisak.com, where we have sầu more than a decade of expertise in managing servers, we see many customers face problems with the email hệ thống.

Now, let’s see the major reasons for IMAP. error and how our Support Engineers fix this error.

Mail client error

Sometimes, this error can arise due lớn a glitch in the Mail app itself. Because, while running an email client, it uses VPS variables và modules. If any of them becomes corrupt, the application causes a number of odd problems like the error message under discussion.

So, our Support Engineers suggest our customers to lớn force quit the application. Sometimes, the force quit và reopening of the mail client may solve sầu the error.

In addition, due to some reasons the email client may get inlớn an error state and could not access Google’s IMAP servers. Then, it is necessary lớn update the operating system to lớn the lakiểm tra build.

Particularly for iPhone users where Apple has released a special update to resolve sầu gmail client issues.

Also, make sure that the email clients are updated lớn the lademo version.

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Remove sầu & re-add the gmail account

Recently, one of our customers had a problem with his application on the iPhone. He received an error message as “The mail VPS ibản đồ.email.com is not responding. Verify that you have sầu entered the correct account info in the mail Settings”.

Therefore, our Support Engineers suggest our customers to lớn follow the below steps to solve the error.

1. Initially, launch the Settings ứng dụng và open the Accounts & Passwords preferences cell.

2. Then, select the email account that having an error with, go lớn Mail, Contacts, Calendars >> Mail account >> clichồng on the Delete Account button.

3. Again, click on the Add Account button to lớn re-add it to lớn the Mail phầm mềm.

4. After that, choose an gmail provider from the list and log in with the username and password to lớn receive emails yet again.

That’s it.

Incorrect SSL settings

Similarly, another customer had problems in receiving emails. He couldn’t receive sầu emails và showed an error message ibản đồ.email.com is not responding.

Often, this error may happen due to a missing SSL error for the tài khoản. Sometimes, customers may enable SSL without installing an SSL on the hệ thống. Then, the gmail account couldn’t send an tin nhắn because it wasn’t able to find a secure connection.

Adjusting the SSL settings like port, và SSL authentication options in the email client will solve the problem.

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In short, an error message imap.gmail.com is not responding occurs due lớn bad gmail settings or because of minor problems with the tin nhắn VPS or mạng internet connection. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers assisted our customers khổng lồ solve the error.

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