Transfer contacts between outlook and google gmail

Summary: In this blog, you will get to know about various methods lớn export contacts from Outlook to Gmail. Keep reading this blog, lớn know how.

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MS Outlook used lớn be the first preference of the users when it came lớn communication but now as Gmail is a legitimate option that is dethroning Outlook as the most used gmail client, more và more users are moving towards Gmail. According lớn a survey conducted, Gmail has 38% of the market tóm tắt as compared to Outlook which is the choice of only 9% of the users. With its fast-growing popularity, more and more businesses are making a drastic shift from Outlook khổng lồ Google to lớn sover emails baông chồng & forth.

“Our company decided khổng lồ migrate contacts from Outlook khổng lồ Gmail và we need to lớn make this shift in a short period. But as I tried doing it on my own, it seems to be a very long process with no over whatsoever. Is there any fast và reliable method khổng lồ bởi vì so? ”

In this article, we will be showing you different methods to lớn export contacts from Outlook khổng lồ Gmail. An Outlook contact is a location where users can store all the address information required either for business purposes or personal reasons. It contains information like name, address, tin nhắn, notes, phone numbers, etc.

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How to Export Outlook Address Book to lớn Google Mail ?

There are two possible ways to complete this job. One is to vày it manually & the other one is to use a software. Considering the fact that there are multiple contacts khổng lồ be transferred, it can be a very daunting task lớn achieve sầu manually. Also, transferring contacts from Outlook to lớn Gmail without using the tool would require you khổng lồ export one liên hệ at a time which is not the case with the application to lớn move Outlook contacts to lớn Google CSV which enables you to lớn export multiple files at a time.

Method 1: Professional Method

As it is not practical lớn move sầu one contact at a time, using the Outlook contacts to lớn CSV format tool becomes a necessity. This software generates a Comma Separated File which has the contacts mapped according lớn Google contacts, hence, making it compatible with the migration. Users are không tính tiền to lớn export an infinite number of contacts with the help of this tool. It also enables you khổng lồ transfer orphaned or corrupt files easily..

Why Use this Software?

Export Multiple Contacts in a single attemptPreserves the liên hệ details during migrationPĐánh Giá contacts with their attributes before the transferQuickly scans và loads the file in the toolMigrates password protected PST file as wellCreate single/separate files for each contactFacility to export even the deleted contacts

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Steps to lớn Sover Contacts from Outlook khổng lồ Gmail:

1: Launch the tool và add the required tệp tin to lớn it





Now, follow the below given steps to transfer this Google CSV tệp tin inlớn your Gmail trương mục.

1: Login inkhổng lồ your Google account and cliông xã on the Google Menu option2: Click on Contacts application và hit the Import button3: Now choose to lớn select the CSV tệp tin to export contacts from Outlook khổng lồ Gmail4: After selecting the CSV tệp tin, clichồng on xuất hiện lớn load the files

Voila! Your contacts from Outlook have sầu been exported khổng lồ your Gmail trương mục.

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Method 2: Manual method

This method is lengthy as compared lớn the first method. Here, you will have sầu to individually export each contact from Outlook and move sầu it inlớn your Gmail. Follow these steps to get your job done.

1: Launch Outlook, clichồng on File, và choose the mở cửa và Export option.2: Now, select the option Import/Export3: Choose to lớn Export to a File>> Next, now choose Comma Separate Values>> Next4: Choose the Contacts folder and click the next button5: Browse the location lớn save the CSV tệp tin và hit on OK button6: Choose khổng lồ Map Custom Fields on another window và clichồng Finish

A CSV file has been created out of the contact list. Now, to proceed, follow the steps mentioned in Phase two of Method 1 i.e., transfer the CSV file into lớn Gmail.


This article explains users can move contacts from Outlook khổng lồ Gmail in two different ways. The manual method got limitations linked with it as it required users khổng lồ go lớn every liên hệ individually and migrate them. This time-consuming process is not practical when it comes khổng lồ bulk migration of files. The software however does the job pretty easily & quickly. It transfers multiple files at once without damaging or losing any data.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I transfer my password protected files as well?

Yes, with the help of this tool, it is very easy to lớn export even the password-protected files. It is capable of migrating orphaned và corrupted files as well.

Can this tool generate a single CSV file for all contacts?

Yes, users can choose lớn either create a single CSV file for all contacts or separate CSV files for each contact.

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Does this tool preserve sầu all details of the file?

All attributes, details such as name, phone number, address, email ID, etc. are well preserved by this tool while converting contacts from Outlook lớn Gmail.

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