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Every detail of Gmail has been reconsidered to lớn make your inbox simpler, more capable, và respectful. Brought khổng lồ you by the co-founder of Google Inbox._________________________________________________________SIMPLER ✔️ Improve productivity by reducing the noise & bức xúc around your inbox; Simplify elevates the content that matters và minimizes everything else. ✔️ Enjoy a redesign of Reading pane, Settings, Keyboard shortcuts overlay, và more. ✔️ Add Intuitive sầu keyboard shortcuts for comtháng actions (navigate with arrow keys, enter, escape, ⌘/Ctrl+A lớn select all, ⌘/Ctrl+R to check for new mail, ⌘/Ctrl+Z to undo). ✔️ Celebrate reaching Inbox Zero with an illustration or background of your choosing. ✔️ Go further with options to tuchồng away features or actions you never use.._________________________________________________________MORE CAPABLE ✔️ Experience a full dark mode with options to darken some or all emails as well as other add-ons. ✔️ Group gmail by date. ✔️ Minimize email signatures. ✔️ Add baông xã the Purchases, Finance, and Trips categories from Google Inbox. ✔️ Optionally reverse the order of message in a danh mục or in conversations._________________________________________________________RESPECTFUL ✔️ Simplify blocks over 170 email spy trackers (more than other extensions). ✔️ Gives you options to lớn hide the unread count in the nav or the browser tab title._________________________________________________________WHO MADE THIS?Simplify was made by Michael Leggett (, Gmail"s lead designer from 2008 to 2012 & the co-founder of Google Inbox. With the unfortunate demise of Google Inbox, Leggett wanted bring the simplified gmail experience to lớn Gmail. Thus, Simplify Gmail was born on April 2, 2019.

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_________________________________________________________IS IT SAFE?Glad you asked. You should always be super careful what extensions or apps you use with your tin nhắn. ✔️ Simplify always puts your security và privacy first. ✔️ The code for Simplify is entirely stored on your computer (no remote code) và is for the sole purpose of improving và enhancing Gmail"s user interface and functionality. ✖️ Simplify does NOT request full access to lớn your tin nhắn (no API permissions required). ✖️ None of your data is collected, stored, or sent to lớn Simplify. ✖️ Simplify has no tracking or analytics software. ✖️ Simplify will never have ads. Ever._________________________________________________________PRIVACY POLICYWe have taken the stricthử nghiệm possible stance on privacy. Simplify has no ads, no analytics, no trackers, and no use of cookies. Simplify does not send or receive data of any kind from a user"s trương mục or device. Your privacy & the security of your tài khoản và data is of the utmost importance to Simplify._________________________________________________________HAVE FEEDBACK OR QUESTIONS?There are over 5,000 chất lượng combinations of Gmail’s options, features, & user states. Simplify strives to lớn support them all, along with the more popular 3rd tiệc nhỏ extensions và add-ons. You can sover feedbachồng or report issues via -- I usually respond within one business day.

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