Unlock a gmail account

It’s unthinkable today to lớn not be able to access Gmail or other Google services. But it does happen sometimes: you may forget the password, the phone number can be lost or become inactive sầu, or the trương mục may get hacked.

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The following is a comprehensive guide on the steps that should be followed if you find yourself locked out of your Google account.

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Set Up Your Google Account Recovery

To preclude a future locked-out situation, it is important lớn phối up your Google tài khoản recovery details. There are two support agents: your recovery email và any attached phone number.

After signing in, go to lớn the Security section in your “My Account” page and find the option which allows you lớn phối up your recovery email. After another round of signing in, you will see the following screen. Make sure you update the recovery email address, especially if the current one is something you don’t use much anymore.

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