How to access gmail with thunderbird

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No ứng dụng is safe from downtime và tech hiccups. Granted, that doesn’t help the frustration when you experience Thunderbird tin nhắn problems.

Developed by the Mozilla Corporation, Thunderbird is an open-source & không tính phí application that assists users with efficient management of their emails, newsfeeds, chats, and newsgroups. Yet, it also fails.

Users may face some common Thunderbird email problems due to the inability khổng lồ power up or issues in gmail sending. Is Thunderbird acting strange on your system?

If you need some Thunderbird troubleshooting assistance, then stay tuned for some quiông xã fixes to the most common issues. But, before delving into lớn the comtháng Thunderbird issues, let’s consider a brief history of Thunderbird và why it might be acting up.

Brief History of Thunderbird
Thunderbird Troubleshooting: Comtháng Thunderbird E-Mail Problems
Thư điện tử Account Setup Issues
The Server Doesn’t Support Encryption
You’re Unable lớn Skết thúc or Receive sầu Messages
You’re Unable khổng lồ Delete Messages
Thunderbird Freezes or Works Slowly
IMAP Server Error Message
How lớn Contact Support
Still Experiencing Troubles with Thunderbird?
Download Mailbird
Importing Thunderbird lớn Mailbird
Thunderbird TroubleshootingStill Experiencing Troubles?

Brief History of Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an easy-to-use và local gmail application available in-browser & on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Since its inception, Thunderbird has been managed by Mozilla Messaging và the Mozilla Corporation. Multiple resources are still being hosted by Mozilla.

Although Thunderbird acquired its subsidiary in 20trăng tròn, the application has had shaky prospects for many years. With uncertain times since 2012, Mozilla dropped the tin nhắn app và uncoupled it from its Firefox service baông chồng in 2015. But Mozilla brought bachồng support for Thunderbird in 2017.

As per the Litmus Email Analytics data, the email client only captured 0.5 percent of the opened tin nhắn across various devices for the first quarter of 2019. Although the chia sẻ increased from 0.1 percent in the second quarter of 2018, Thunderbird fell behind Apple Mail (7.9 percent) and Outlook (9.2 percent).

With all the uncertainty coupled with performance issues, the app’s development has been unstable. The instability has led lớn various problems in the application usage & error fixes. Note that app-wide errors need developers for a proper solution. But other common issues on the client side are relatively easy lớn fix. Some common problems and their solutions have sầu been listed for user convenience below.

Thunderbird Troubleshooting: Comtháng Thunderbird E-Mail Problems

Despite the simple and highly efficient nature of Thunderbird, users may occasionally face a few performance issues & errors. Let’s take six common Thunderbird gmail problems và their solutions into lớn consideration.

Thư điện tử Account Setup Issues

While setting up the gmail account, some users may face operational issues lượt thích Thunderbird not connecting to lớn the server. You can quickly fix the problem as follows.

How to Fix1. Check Password

First, check if you’re using the correct password by logging into lớn your trương mục via the webmail interface. For example, if you have a Gmail account:

Go lớn tin nhắ your email address và then your password.If you’ve đầu vào an older password, Google will prompt you lớn reset it.You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot email?” message.2. Check Server Settings

If your password is correct or you phối a new one và problems persist, go to lớn Thunderbird và launch the Server Settings. You can find them following this path:

Cliông xã on the tin nhắn tài khoản that experiences issues.Under Options cliông chồng on Account Settings.
Select Server Settings in the left-hvà tab.

To make sure you have sầu the correct server settings, take the following details inkhổng lồ trương mục.

Have sầu the domain name name (e.g., after the hệ thống name, which is Mail.Make sure Port is 993 for IMAP.. or 995 for POPhường.Set the Connection Security khổng lồ TLS/SSL.Use the user’s full tin nhắn address as a User Name.Use the Password as an Authentication.The hệ thống doesn’t support encryption.

The Server Doesn’t Support Encryption

You may get a warning regarding the hệ thống not supporting encryption due to lớn some security issues. This issue can leave sầu the hệ thống communications more vulnerable to lớn hacking attempts.

How to lớn Fix1. Change Settings

In the warning, you’ll see the Change Settings button. Cliông xã on it & vày the following:

Change the security connection lớn SSL/TLS.Change the authentication method to lớn “Normal password.”Change the port to 993.

After changing the settings, save them & re-launch Thunderbird.

2. Choose a Different Thư điện tử Provider

If modifying the settings does not solve the issue, you can also choose a different email provider that will offer a more secure connection.

You’re Unable lớn Skết thúc or Receive sầu Messages

Thunderbird might stop sending or receiving messages for several reasons. It could be an issue with the server settings, your antivirut program, or your internet service provider. Let’s check each case.

How lớn Fix1. Check IMAPhường Settings

You need IMAPhường to lớn receive messages. To kiểm tra the IMAP settings:

Click on the tin nhắn tài khoản that experiences issues.Under Options clichồng on Account Settings.Select Server Settings in the left-h& tab.

Make sure you’re using the 993 port, SSL/TLS connection security, and “Normal” password.

2. Chechồng SMTP.. Settings

You need SMTPhường lớn skết thúc messages. To check SMTPhường. settings:

Go to lớn Account Settings lượt thích in the previous step.Cliông xã “Outgoing server” in the left-hvà tab.

Make sure you’re using the 587 port, “None” in connection security, and “Normal” password.

3. Whitelist Thunderbird in Your Antivi khuẩn Software

If your hệ thống settings are fine, it’s probably the case that your firewall or antivi khuẩn doesn’t trust the Thunderbird version or any new updates.

Whitelisting the gmail tool also fixes the issue for many users. In Windows Security:

Navigate to Settings.Select Update và Security & choose Windows Security.Access the “Manage settings” option after clicking on “Virus & threat protection.”Go to lớn the “Add an exclusion” option via “Add or remove sầu exclusions” và select Thunderbird.

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For Windows Firewall:

Type the word “firewall” in the Windows tìm kiếm box.Select the “Allow an ứng dụng through the firewall” option.Cliông chồng on the “Change settings” button.Add Thunderbird to lớn the các mục after hitting the “Allow another app” button.

If you’re using another antivi khuẩn program, please consult with its Help section for specific guidelines. The process should be similar though.

4. Rollbachồng Thunderbird

Thunderbird 78 & higher versions need enhanced TLS security standards. So, with Thunderbird gmail not working correctly, the primary reason may be that your service provider does not tư vấn the newer TLS network encryption protocols. Hence, users will be unable khổng lồ skết thúc or receive emails.

The solution for this issue can lie in simply rolling Thunderbird back khổng lồ an earlier version. You can find an earlier release here. To get lớn a previous version:

In your current version, go to the menu > Preferences & scroll down khổng lồ UpdatesTurn off automatic updates by switching your preference khổng lồ “Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them.”
Uninstall Thunderbird without deleting any profiles and databases.Download a version that came earlier than Thunderbird 78.Install the downloaded version.

Your accounts should appear in Thunderbird after launching. If you deleted Thunderbird together with the database files, simply log inlớn your accounts again.

5. Liên hệ Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

On specific ports, such as port 25, few ISPs tkết thúc khổng lồ bloông xã your outgoing emails. If you can’t skết thúc emails, then switching khổng lồ another port is recommended.

You can also liên hệ your ISP.. for any further help. For example, if you use Gmail, check the Google Dashboard for any status updates, in case it experiences downtime.

You’re Unable to lớn Delete Messages

If you cannot delete messages in Thunderbird, it may be caused by a corrupted trash thư mục. Also, sometimes Thunderbird may freeze when deleting messages – in this case, try relaunching the tiện ích.

How to fix

The simple solution is to lớn create a new trash folder after deleting the old corrupted one. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Access the troubleshooting information for the Profile Folder from the Help section of the thực đơn button.Cliông chồng on the mở cửa Folder option from the Application Basics section.Now close the Thunderbird ứng dụng.Go to lớn your tệp tin manager and open the Mail (or ImapMail) thư mục per your affected account type (POPhường or IMAP).Remember to lớn open the folder with an incoming mail server name like or the Trash.msf and Trash files and then delete them. These files may be named Deleted or Bin in some accounts.As a final step, Restart the Thunderbird phầm mềm on your system.

That’s it! The trash thư mục will be renewed, & you will be able khổng lồ easily delete your mail messages.

Thunderbird Freezes or Works Slowly

Users may face Mozilla Thunderbird freezing, not responding, crashing, or hanging due khổng lồ configurations or other systematic issues. These issues can be quickly resolved in the following ways.

How to Fix1. Update Thunderbird

Quite often, an outdated Thunderbird version causes issues, & Thunderbird may freeze on Windows 10. First & foremost, users can fix the freezing or slow running issues by updating Thunderbird. Follow the steps listed below:

Run the Thunderbird application.Visit the Help menu.Choose the About Thunderbird option.The software automatically checks for any updates after a window opens.Select Restart Thunderbird to update once updates are ready khổng lồ install.
2. Try Running from Safe Mode

You can use Safe Mode to lớn troubleshoot issues và remix settings. To launch it:

Press the Alt (Option) key và cliông chồng on the Thunderbird inhỏ khổng lồ launch it.If it’s already running, you can switch khổng lồ Safe Mode by selecting “Restart with Add-ons disabled…” in the Help menu.
When the Safe Mode dialog appears, cliông chồng on “Continue in Safe Mode.”
3. Disable Add-ons

You can also fix the issue by disabling the add-ons from Safe Mode. Do the same actions as in the previous step, but in the dialog, kiểm tra “Disable all add-ons” & press the “Make Changes and Restart” button.

4. Reinstall Thunderbird

If your Thunderbird installation is corrupted, then Thunderbird issues may occur. No need khổng lồ worry. This can be easily fixed in most cases by reinstalling the Thunderbird application.

Remember that specific registry entries or files can be left behind by applications despite uninstalling. Those files can cause some future issues, so it’s advised to remove them as you encounter them.

5. Cheông chồng Email ConfigurationsGo to lớn the Tools menu và select the Account Settings option.You can also select Account Settings from the application menu.Once in the Account Settings, choose the Server Settings from the left pane.Ensure that you have correct Thunderbird login information in the right pane, and that should bởi vì the triông chồng.

IMAPhường. Server Error Message

Thunderbird IMAPhường problems usually occur due to the configuration of the IMAP VPS (such as Courier-IMAP), which may be configured khổng lồ only allow a certain number of connections per IP address.

How to Fix1. Reduce the Number of Connections

An IMAPhường. hệ thống error can be quickly resolved by reducing the number of connections. To vì chưng so:

Select the Tools option from the thực đơn & then choose Account Settings.Under the appropriate tài khoản, select the Server Settings.Cliông xã on the Advanced button.Once Configuration Dialog pops up, change the maximum number of hệ thống connections to cabít value to three or less.
Update Thunderbird

Upgrading your Thunderbird lớn a 68.3.0 version or higher should fix the error on its own.

How to Contact Support

If an issue is not listed above sầu, you can also tìm kiếm for a solution by visiting the FAQ section at Mozilla support. You can also ask a question or look for similar queries already posted on the support forums of the Thunderbird community. If nothing else works, then try lớn contact Mozilla over Facebook.

Unfortunately, Thunderbird doesn’t have a number you can call. Any phone numbers you find online are to lớn third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ support centers.

Still Experiencing Troubles with Thunderbird?

A once-in-a-while issue is fine, but what if you’re constantly troubleshooting Thunderbird? In this case, it’s high time you kiểm tra out other email clients. One potential choice can be Mailbird.

Mailbird is more than just an gmail client. It helps users schedule as well as manage communications và tasks in addition to lớn emails. And it has human tư vấn instead of just an FAQ section.

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Mailbird helps migrate all your accounts onlớn one platform without signing up for a new array of services & new accounts. Mailbird is an email client for Windows that can easily use functionality for effectively managing multiple gmail accounts. Some key features include:

Unified Inbox – Connect all your gmail accounts and use them as one. This means you can search across all accounts, manage emails, and apply other tin nhắn features to all connected accounts without the need for complicated filters.E-Mail tracking – Make sure that all recipients have sầu opened your gmail và you’re all on the same page about its contents.Unified Calendar – Make sure you keep track of deadlines và events. This is especially useful if you sover meeting invitations from different accounts. Like with the Unified Inbox, you can view & manage all calendars in one place so you won’t overlap meetings or overschedule.Integrations – Boost productivity & communication with third-các buổi party app integrations, such as Asamãng cầu, Slaông chồng, Google Workspace products, và more.

Download Mailbird

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