Configuring gmail (imap) and outlook for mac 2011

Having recently started to use a Mac at home, quickly started khổng lồ miss Outlook. So I was delighted to hear of the release of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.

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The following are the instructions to set up IMAP.. access in Outlook 2011.

Google Apps users, please follow the default instructions unless otherwise noted, replacing ‘your_tên miề’ with your actual tên miền name.

To mix up your Outlook 2011 client khổng lồ work with Gmail:

1. Enable IMAPhường. in Gmail. Don’t forget lớn click Save sầu Changes when you’re done.

2. Open Outlook 2011.

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3. Cliông xã Tools > Accounts.

4. On the Accounts window, choose E-mail Account.


5. Enter your email address (including ‘’), và password in the E-mail address filed. Google Apps users, enter your full email address, e.g. ‘_tên miề’. As you vì chưng so some more options should become available.


6. Once you have sầu entered your Email address the options window will expand:


In the Account Type dropdown thực đơn, select IMAP; enter the incoming và outgoing server names shown below.In the ‘User Name’ field, give your full Gmail address, including ‘
tin nhắ’ or ‘
your_tên miề’Incoming Server, kiểm tra Override mặc định port và Use SSL khổng lồ connect (recommended) và change port to 993Outgoing Server, check Override mặc định port và Use SSL khổng lồ connect (recommended) and change port khổng lồ 587After creating these settings, clicking Add Acount takes you to the kết thúc of the thiết lập.
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