Solved: when printing from gmail the entire email is printed small a

Q:Here"s a problem that has me exasperated. Whenever I print out e-mail from my Gmail trương mục, it comes out in such small type that I can barely read it. Even when I was younger I would have sầu had trouble seeing it, but now it"s impossible without a magnifying glass. It"s smaller than a baseball box score. I"ve tried to lớn find a way to make the type bigger, but neither Gmail nor my printer have sầu options for that. Please help.

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A: The problem isn"t with Gmail or your printer. It"s with your browser, which is configured lớn shrink what"s on your monitor so that it fits on a printed page. One of the downsides is that you over up with Lilliputian text.

Fortunately, there"s an easy fix và it works practically the same in the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox. With an e-mail message open, go to lớn File in the browser"s main menu và choose Page Setup. In Internet Explorer, unkiểm tra the box labeled "Enable Shrink-to-Fit" & clichồng OK. In Firefox, go to File/Page Setup và unkiểm tra the box labeled "Shrink to fit Page Width."

Q:I got a wireless router from my brother, but he doesn"t have sầu the software that came with it. I managed to lớn get it working, so I"m fine for the time being, but I"d lượt thích lớn put a password on my network. Can I vày that without the router software?

A: You can bởi vì that using your router"s settings, which you can access using your browser. First, though, you"ll need the address for the router. To find it, clichồng the Windows Start button & enter "cmd" in the Search box at the bottom of the Start thực đơn và hit Enter. In the window that pops up, type "ipconfig" và hit Enter. That will display information about your network. Look for the Default Gateway - that"s the router"s address. Enter that number into the address space in your browser and hit Enter lớn open the router settings.

Your router may require you to lớn sign in. Router makers commonly use "Admin" as the mặc định user ID and "password" for the password.

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Once you"ve accessed the router, you can phối a password, choose a security protocol, rename your network, etc. Some routers even let you set parental controls to limit kids" Internet access.

Q:My Windows Vista máy vi tính has picked up something called "System Security," which periodically pops up lớn warn me that my computer has security issues. Is this legitimate, & if not, how can I get rid of it?

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A: System Security is malicious software (malware) masquerading as a legitimate utility. It "finds" nonexistent security problems in your system, then tries lớn sell you software khổng lồ fix them. Nhái security programs of this ilk have sầu become more comtháng in recent years.

To delete System Security, you"ll need an anti-malware program. Popular ones include Malwarebytes" Anti-Malware (free from, Ad-Aware Free ( và AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition (

Q:I"ve been holding off getting an ipad, mostly because I"m waiting for the 3G version that can connect to lớn the Internet through cellular service. In the meantime, I"m wondering when other companies will start selling iPad tablet "clones" & whether one of those might be a better alternative-especially given the iPad"s early problems with Wi-Fi connectivity & overheating. Any thoughts?

A: The glitches in the first iPads were not unexpected. Any new device, especially an innovative one, can be expected khổng lồ have sầu some issues. It"s usually prudent khổng lồ wait out the first generation & let early adopters be the guinea pigs. The máy tính bảng iPad 3G, which arrives Friday. should have the bugs ironed out.

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It probably will be a few months before iPad competitors start khổng lồ hit the market. HP"s Slate - running Windows 7 - may show up early in the summer, with others to follow later in the year. Dell is working on a smaller tablet that will run Google"s Android system, & Toshibố is developing tablets for both Windows and Android. Rumor has it that Google itself is working on an "Máy tính bảng iPad killer."

Interestingly, the first máy tính bảng iPad doppelganger khổng lồ go on public display is the WePad, a German-designed tablet that boasts features lacking on the máy tính bảng ipad, including a camera, card reader and USB port. However, the WePad won"t go on sale until August, and then only in Germany.

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