Google mail: edit subject of a conversation thread

Conversation threads is one of the features that we love sầu in our Gmail. It keeps our previous messages intact allowing us khổng lồ keep traông chồng on the topic at hvà. However, sometimes we need to reply or forward emails with a different subject while keeping it in the same group or thread of messages. It is possible to change subject in Gmail though the feature is well hidden.

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When you reply lớn a mail, your messages gets grouped as threads because of same subject line. At times, the topic or the mode of conversation might change & we need lớn change the subject of the conversation. We want khổng lồ reply because it is convenient and has previous references but at the same time we want lớn edit subject because the topic has moved on. In such cases, we can start a new thread with new subject which will also have sầu old messages as quoted replies.

Change Subject Line While Replying in the Same Conversation Thread

To reply or forward the emails in the same thread itself while changing the subject according to your need, just follow these simple steps-

STEP.. 1: xuất hiện the conversation thread. Select ‘Reply’ at the bottom of the mail. It will open a mini window for you at the bottom of the screen khổng lồ type the reply.


STEP. 2: Cliông chồng the ‘Down’ Arrow on the top left of the message box. A drop down box will appear.

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STEP. 3: Select ‘EDIT SUBJECT’. A new Compose window will appear on-screen.


STEP. 4: Now change the Subject as you desire và Send. The previous mails in the thread will be included with this gmail also.

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NOTE: Since Gmail sorts mails together in conversation threads based on common subject lines, the recipient will now receive new mail with new subject line but with old conversation.

Also remember that Gmail does not show subjects in conversation threads, so you have sầu to keep a tab on it manually.

You can also use these steps when replying to many at the same time or forwarding the mail. Just cliông chồng ‘Reply All’ or ‘Forward’ và follow the same steps.

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