Want khổng lồ get responses lớn your tin nhắn messages in a different inbox? Here"s how to phối up custom reply-to addresses.

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Normally, when someone replies to your gmail, their response goes back khổng lồ the email address you sent it from. However, there are some tin nhắn providers that let you customize the email address where you receive sầu emails.

Using that feature, you can have sầu a receiving tin nhắn that"s different from the one you use to lớn send emails. For instance, if you sover emails from abc instead of the initial address.

You can set this feature up easily in some of the major tin nhắn services, which we walk you through below.

How to Use a Custom Reply-To E-Mail Address in Gmail

When it comes khổng lồ exciting features for your emails, Gmail easily wins the race. There are a ton of functions for you to use và explore in the service. One of these is the ability to use any tin nhắn address as your reply-to lớn address.

With this, you can specify just about any address that you want as your reply-khổng lồ gmail. This lets you get replies without them ever hitting your main Gmail address if you like.

Adding reply-to lớn addresses in Gmail does not require verification. As a result, you can enter any gmail address. Make sure you don"t mistype what you enter, or someone else will receive sầu all your tin nhắn responses.

Here"s how to lớn mix up reply-to addresses in Gmail:

Click on the gear inhỏ at the top-right và select See all settings khổng lồ view the main Gmail settings page. From the tabs menu at the top, select the one that says Accounts và Import. Locate the section that says Skết thúc mail as; this shows all the email addresses tied lớn your Gmail account. Find the tin nhắn address that you use lớn sover emails & cliông chồng on edit info next to it.

edit info in gmail
A new window will open, letting you edit your trương mục name. Here, clichồng on the link that says Specify a different "reply-to" address. Enter your reply-lớn email address in the given field & cliông xã on Save Changes.
add reply khổng lồ tin nhắn in gmail
This will take you bachồng khổng lồ the Gmail settings page and you"ll see the newly specified reply-lớn tin nhắn address on your screen.

How khổng lồ Use a Custom Reply-To E-Mail Address in Outlook

Outlook has many lesser-known features that make your emailing experience easier. One of these lets you specify a custom reply-to lớn address as you write each email in the tiện ích.

As it turns out, you can vày this for individual messages or set a global reply-lớn address. We"ll cover both procedures.

Using an Outlook Reply-To Address for Individual Emails

Using this method, you can use different reply-lớn addresses for various emails that you send. It"s handy for when you only want a custom reply-to lớn email address for a certain message. It won"t affect your other emails; they will continue to receive sầu responses at your main gmail address.

You can set this feature up in Outlook as follows:

Launch Outlook & clichồng on the New Email option at the top to compose a new message. The new email window will open on your screen. At the top, find the tab that says Options và click on it. Inside of the Options tab, find the Direct Replies To option và select it.

change reply khổng lồ email in outlook
Look at the section that says Delivery options và cliông xã on Select Names next to Have sầu replies sent to.

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select reply to lớn gmail in outlook
You can now select a liên hệ from your contacts list that you want lớn use as a reply-lớn gmail. If you don"t have a liên hệ, type in the email address manually at the bottom & cliông chồng OK.
Select Close on the following screen and you"ll be bachồng at the tin nhắn compose window. Write your gmail as you normally would và hit Send when you"re done. When the recipient replies, their response will go to lớn the tin nhắn you specified above sầu.

Using an Outlook Reply-To Address for All Emails

Outlook also provides you with an option to lớn use a custom reply-lớn tin nhắn address for all your messages. This way, you don"t need lớn enter a reply-lớn tin nhắn each time you compose a new message.

This procedure requires you lớn modify the settings for your email trương mục lớn include your new reply-khổng lồ email. You can do that using the steps below:

Launch Outlook, cliông xã on the File tab at the top, and select Info from the left sidebar. In the main panel, choose Account Settings, followed by Account Settings again.
Make sure you"re inside the Email tab. Then, select your email account from the danh mục & click on Change at the top.
Depending on how you"ve sầu phối up your current email in Outlook, you will get different screens to modify your options. If you see the More Settings button on your screen, cliông chồng on it and enter a reply-to tin nhắn address on the following screen. If you get a screen that looks something like the following, simply enter your reply-to email address in the Reply-khổng lồ address field. Then cliông xã on Next & finish the wizard to save sầu your changes.
Outlook will now use your specified email address as a reply-lớn email for all your messages in this account.

Use a Custom Reply-To E-Mail Address for Yahoo Mail

With Yahoo, you need lớn first phối up a send-only tin nhắn address before you can use a custom reply-lớn address. This is simple to lớn phối up, as long as you have sầu access khổng lồ both of your tin nhắn accounts.

Unlượt thích Gmail, Yahoo sends a verification links to lớn your specified reply-khổng lồ tin nhắn. You"ll need to lớn have that inbox open lớn authorize the procedure & continue with the cài đặt.

You can bởi vì this in your Yahoo Mail tài khoản with these steps:

Select Mailboxes from the options in the left sidebar. Cliông chồng on Add under the Send-only tin nhắn address section lớn add a new reply-lớn email.
Enter your reply-to email address and cliông xã on Next. Open the inbox for the address you just added và you should have an gmail from Yahoo. Cliông xã on the liên kết in the email khổng lồ confirm your action. Refresh your Yahoo Mail settings page and click on your Yahoo Mail tài khoản. Select your newly added tin nhắn address from the Reply-to lớn address field. Then, clichồng Save at the bottom.

Separate Thư điện tử Inboxes for Each Purpose

Using a custom reply-to tin nhắn address is a good way khổng lồ keep your send-only email"s inbox neat and clean. This also comes in handy if you only want a certain tin nhắn address lớn receive sầu people"s emails.

When you"re using several gmail inboxes like this, it"s essential khổng lồ keep them protected. Cheông xã out vital gmail security tips you should know.

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