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Gmail error 78754 Outlook is a website log in error that usually occurs when the user’s password not being recognized, when the user signing in from a new location or device, or Google detects the log in as suspicious.

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How can you fix Gmail error 78754 Outlook?

Some of the solutions khổng lồ this error include configuring your Gmail tài khoản & Microsoft Outlook trương mục.


Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

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SheilaStaffAsked on October 9, 2017 inGmail.

Solution 1. Configure Your Gmail Account

Gmail error 78754 Outlook may be caused by a Gmail trương mục that was not configured. To fix this, kiểm tra for any verification email or configure your Gmail trương mục. Please see below for the guide or watch it here on YouTube.


Log in lớn your Gmail account.Clichồng the Settings icon on the upper right side, then select Setting.Then cliông xã “Forwarding & POP/IMAP..”Enable IMAP.Then click Save Changes.Scroll down look for “Allow less secure apps:” Turn it on.Cheông xã your Microsoft Outlook.

If you have not yet configured your Microsoft Outlook, please see below.

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Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff Answered on November 22, 2017.

Solution 2. Configure Your Microsoft Outlook

Gmail error 78754 Outlook may be caused by an Outlook account that was not configured. To fix this configure your Outlook. Please see below.

Select POPhường. or IMAPhường, then cliông chồng Next.For the Server informationAccount Type: Select POP.. or IMAPIncoming mail server: imaps.gmail.comOutgoing mail server: smtp.email.comThen click More Settings.Cliông chồng the Outgoing server Tab kiểm tra the checkbox “My outgoing VPS (SMTP) requires authentication.”Click the Advanced tab.Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL (Both Incoming hệ thống IMAPhường và Outgoing IMAP)Outgoing server IMAP: 465Cliông chồng OK.Clichồng Next.Then xuất hiện your Microsoft Outlook và kiểm tra your Gmail for any verification mail. Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff Answered on November 22, 2017.

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