How to set gmail as the default email client in chrome

Over the years, Gmail became a reference for business email, together with its Google Apps Suite. One of its strength is its vast number of plugins which enhance Gmail with productivity features such as time zone convertors or connections khổng lồ Salesforce (SalesWings has developed a Gmail extension for Lead Website Tracking). While Gmail has many functions that are superior khổng lồ most other gmail platforms, you may have noticed some tricky tasks linked to Gmail when switching from Outlook or elsewhere.

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One hurdle seems trivial, but isn’t: setting Gmail as your mặc định tin nhắn client, so that a new email is opened when you click on a link.

If you’re a business and want lớn cốt truyện information quickly to lớn a client or someone in your company, this can obviously slow down your productivity. That’s especially true if you’re using Chrome, which is one of the most popular và secure browsers out there.

Fortunately, Gmail doesn’t force you to lớn adhere lớn limitations. With some relatively simple steps, you can make Gmail work on numerous browsers.

Here’s how lớn mix Gmail as the mặc định gmail client in Chrome so you won’t have sầu khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with roundabout methods to lớn skết thúc web nội dung.

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1. The Protocol Handler Icon

Your first step is lớn start Chrome on your computer, open Gmail, then look up at your top address bar. Look for the Protocol Handler inhỏ at the top right. This looks lượt thích a gray-colored đá quí that’s to the left of a star, with the latter being used for bookmarking.

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Clichồng on the kim cương và you’ll see the Protocol Handler thực đơn pop up on your screen. The pop-up is a White box asking you a simple question: “Allow Gmail ( to open all gmail links?”


Your choices below are “Use Gmail”, “No”, or “Ignore.” Clichồng the first option and then select “Done.”

Doing this should take care of the problem, though it might not work for everytoàn thân. The Protocol Handler ibé may not show up in your address bar, which requires another step khổng lồ take care of the gmail mặc định problem.

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2. Using the Chrome Menu Icon

An alternative sầu way lớn make Gmail your primary gmail client is slightly more protracted. Nevertheless, it’s still not complicated. Simply click on Chrome’s menu icon up at the top right-hvà corner of your screen. This looks like a gray square with three parallel horizontal lines.


In the drop-down menu, choose “settings” toward the bottom. A sub-menu opens asking you if you want lớn “Show Advanced Settings.” Clichồng this, and then select “Content settings” in a header labeled “Privacy.”

The “Content Settings” menu is going to lớn give sầu you numerous complex options, so be careful what you clichồng. In this more advanced menu, look down at the bottom section where you see “Handlers.” Select the “Manage Handlers” button there so you can add information about Gmail.


A box comes up showing “mailto” khổng lồ the left, followed by numerous tin nhắn client options. Simply select Gmail, then press “Done.”

All of this should have sầu you ready to go, despite some maybe experiencing a blank “Protocol Handlers” window. If so, you have one more simple option as a good solution.

3. Google’s “Mailto” Extension for Chrome

Yes, it seems Google can help with anything, và they vì yet again by giving you a “mailto” extension lớn use on all popular browsers. They provide an extension for Chrome as well within their selections, & it’s an extension everyone should have as a backup.

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Google touts this extension program as a true leader in handling the most “mailto” liên kết of anything similar online. They even support forms & Javascript liên kết to lớn give sầu you more quiông chồng efficiency when sending emails.

If you know other useful Gmail hacks – tóm tắt them!

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