Chrome keeps logging me out from my google account

Is it possible to phối a timeout for my Google trương mục to sign out my Google session on any device?

I"m worried about not signing out of all my sessions, especially at the work desktop.

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you have three options:

1. browser tự động logoff on exit

By removing your browsing history as soon as you cthảm bại the browser, this makes sure that no one sees or uses your history if you are sharing the same computer, you have sầu to search inetcpl.cpl in run menu - WINKEY + R - there you will get Internet properties thực đơn there you have khổng lồ select Delete browsing history on Exit & then OK


2. cookie tự động logoff by blocking

You can bloông xã most cookies while still allowing them from certain sites. With this exceptions, you can auto log out from Gmail or other webmails.

on your computer, open Google Chrome

in the top right, cliông chồng the Menu

clichồng Settings and then Show advanced settings

in the "Privacy" section, cliông chồng Content settings

under "Cookies," click Manage exceptions

enter the site name you want khổng lồ allow cookies for. to allow cookies from an entire domain, insert <*.> before the tên miền name. for example: <*.> - this creates an exception for:

you can also put an IP address or a website address that doesn"t begin with http / https

use the thực đơn khổng lồ choose whether the site can set cookies.

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If you select Clear on exit, its cookies are deleted every time you close your browser and your mail session will over too

3. tự động logoff extension

Auto Logout extension automatically logs you out of all logged in accounts upon closure of all browser windows in case you forget lớn sign out. This extension is recommended for use in shared computers to keep different accounts safe. You just need lớn add the extension. What this extension does is, it simply logs out from websites once you cthất bại Google Chrome. That means you have sầu to lớn log in every time you open up your Chrome browser

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