How to manage email subscriptions in gmail

Each và every blog is offering email subscriptions, if you check your emails how many tin nhắn subscription posts you get?

How about managing this part of your website world more efficiently, here is a handy way lớn optimize your email subscriptions, so you don’t see a bulk of unread emails on your inbox.

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This post is specific khổng lồ Gmail service. If you are using any other service than wait till we post the tip about that (or you can do a tìm kiếm on Google).

Gmail offers a nice filtration method. With the help of a filter you can redirect your emails from a subscription to lớn specific labels.

1) Create a label for your gmail subscriptions. You can create a single label for all subscriptions or multiple labels (like one label for each subscription)

(Tip: You can even create a nested label structure. So you can create a label as email subscriptions và under that you can have separate label for each subscription.)

Steps To Create Label in Gmail


You can get label management option at the left of the Gmail view.Click on Create New Label.It will ask you khổng lồ enter the new label name and if you want it to lớn be a child of any other label than it will ask for the parent.Once you enter the information it will create a new label.

Once you have label ready, you can go ahead và create a filter for the tin nhắn subscriptions.

Steps To Manage E-Mail Subscriptions

1) Go to lớn Gmail Settings, lớn go there you can click the ibé at top right corner.

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2) In the Gmail settings clichồng an option as Filter. Clichồng on Create a Filter.

3) You will get the below screen. Each subscription comes with a specific mail address, enter that mail address in from field and clichồng on demo tìm kiếm.


Once you clichồng Test Search, you will see how this filter will work & what messages from your existing emails would have been filtered. If everything looks fine than you can cliông xã on next step.

4) In the next screen you need khổng lồ select what action you need to take for selected emails. Cliông chồng on apply the label & select the label you want your email to go in. If you don’t want the email khổng lồ appear in inbox than check skip the inbox also.


5) Click on Create Filter and you are done. Now your incoming mails will mark with that label and will be seen under that label and not in your Inbox.

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So manage your tin nhắn subscriptions or any other emails with this small tip và leave comments below if you like the tip.

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