Fix: sync is currently experiencing problems

Available in over 100 languages, Gmail is arguably the best miễn phí email client currently on the market. There’s no question that Google’s reach contributed greatly khổng lồ its success, but let’s not forget the impressive sầu list of features that keep Gmail clients happy. Mainly, the seamless integration between a whole plethora of devices, from desktop khổng lồ mobile.

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But no software is error-miễn phí, và Gmail is certainly no exception lớn that rule. Sure, it’s much more secure và less buggy than other competing services (Yes, I’m looking at you, Yahoo Mail). But one error that Google has failed lớn fix for several years now is syncing. To be precise, the error that says “sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be bachồng shortly”.

This error seems khổng lồ be exclusive sầu khổng lồ the Android realm. From time lớn time, the Gmail service on Android smartphones & tablets refuses lớn sync up. In some cases, the issue lies within Google’s servers & it will resolve itself after some time. But those cases are extremely rare, as Google’s servers are quite stable. Even worse, it’s not only affecting the Gmail ứng dụng. When syncing stops working, the calendar, contacts & anything else that is linked to lớn your Google trương mục won’t sync up as a result.

If you’ve waited some time & you are experiencing the same problem with Google syncing, there are a few fixes you can try.

Note: These fixes were tested on Android 7.0 Nougat, but chances are they can be applicable khổng lồ older versions of Android. Also, some settings might differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Method 1: Performing a Manual Sync

This fix is very easy lớn perkhung và has a high success rate. The only downside is a lot of times it proves lớn be temporary. What I mean is, it will bring all your stuff linked lớn your Google tài khoản up khổng lồ date, but it won’t make it perform this automatically in the future. Here’s how:

Go to Settings, scroll down và tap on Accounts.
Find and tap on the Google entry.
Make sure all entries are enabled and hit Sync now. Depending on your phone’s manufacturer, the Sync Now button may be located on the bottom side of the screen or in the top right corner.


Note: If you have multiple accounts, repeat these steps with all of them.

Method 2: Clearing Gmail Data và Cache

If you’ve sầu followed the method above to lớn no avail, clearing the data & cached data from your Google apps might resume the normal functionality of syncing. Here’s how:

Go khổng lồ Settings & tap on Apps.
Make sure the All apps selection is applied & scroll down until you find the Gmail entry.
Tap on Gmail và tap again on Storage.
Start by tapping on Clear data, wait for the process to complete, then tap on Clear cađậy.
If your syncing problems are not restricted lớn Gmail, repeat these steps with the other Google apps lượt thích Calendar or Newsstand.

Method 3: Checking for updates

Some custom Android versions are proven khổng lồ have syncing problems with Gmail. The vast majority of them have sầu been fixed by updates along the way, so it’s worth a show khổng lồ update khổng lồ the lachạy thử Android version available for your mã sản phẩm if you haven’t already done so. Here’s how to bởi vì it:

Go to Settings and scroll all the way down khổng lồ Software Updates.

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Note: On some Android devices System update can be found inside the About or About Device tab.Tap on Cheông xã for Updates và wait khổng lồ see if a new update is available.
If a new update is available, tap on Install và wait for the system khổng lồ reboot.Cheông xã khổng lồ see if Gmail is syncing normally.

Method 4: Enabling automatic date & time

In most cases, Google syncing is hindered because automatic date and time are disabled. If you manually inserted your date, time & time zone, that’s probably where the issue originated from. Here’s how to lớn re-enable automatic date and time:

Go to Settings and look for the entry named Date & Time. It’s usually located under the System tab.Note: If you can’t find it, look inside the Advanced Settings entry.Expvà the Date and Time entry and enable Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone.
Repeat method one in which you perform manual sync & keep an eye if Google keeps syncing after that.

Method 5: Disable power-saving mode

If you’re one of those people that lượt thích khổng lồ keep their phone on power saving mode all the time to save battery life, there’s your problem.

Depending on how aggressive the power saving phầm mềm is, it might cut off Google syncing completely. You can easily kiểm tra if that’s the case by disabling power saving mode for a day or two and see if Google starts syncing your contacts properly.

Method 6: Removing & re-adding your Google account

Some users have reported that deleting their Google account & restarting their device managed khổng lồ fix their issue. Give sầu it a try :

Go to Settings > Accounts and tap on the Google entry.
Tap the remove ibé & confirm your selection.
Restart your device, go baông xã khổng lồ Settings > Accounts và tap the “+” icon.Insert your Gmail trương mục along with your password & wait to see if Google starts syncing your accounts.

Method 7: Installing Contacts Sync App

If you’re having issues with your phone contacts syncing up with Google, there’s a nifty phầm mềm capable of solving the problem automatically. It’s extremely easy to lớn use. Here’s how:

Hit the “Fix Contacts Sync” button.
The phầm mềm will persize a kiểm tra to see if any of your contacts are corrupted and are disrupting the syncing process. If it finds any, you will be prompted lớn delete them. Confirm và kiểm tra lớn see if the contacts are syncing properly.

Method 8: Enabling all certificates from Incoming Settings

If you use a rooted device and you have syncing problems, try the following fix:

Go to Settings > Accounts > Exchange > Incoming Settings.Change the security type from SSL/TLS lớn accept all certificates.Wait & see if your emails, contacts, và calendar entries start syncing up.

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We hope one of the following guides helped you solve “sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be baông chồng shortly” errorIf you found a different solution that helped you, please tell us all about it in the bình luận section below and we will add it lớn this guide.

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