Chrome sync keeps pausing and asking to sign in

Chrome’s sync feature can sync bookmarks, your browsing history, passwords, & it even lets you access the tabs you have open across other devices. It’s exceptionally useful & once you have it phối up, you tkết thúc to lớn get used to lớn it always working and ensuring a seamless transition between different systems.

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However, there’s an odd problem that some Chrome users are facing with the sync feature pausing intermittently.


Here’s how lớn fix Chrome sync pausing và repeatedly asking you to sign in.

Fix Chrome sync pausing

This appears lớn be an odd feature that’s enabled by default. You can turn it off from the Chrome Flags page. xuất hiện Chrome and enter the following in the URL bar. Tap enter.

chrome://flagsOn the Chrome Flags page, use the tìm kiếm bar & look for ‘trương mục consistency’.This will bring up a flag called ‘Identity consistency between browser và cookie jar’.xuất hiện the dropdown next khổng lồ it and select ‘Disabled’.Relaunch Chrome lớn apply this change & sync should no longer pause at random.


While this should work, there is one other fix that other Chrome users have sầu been able to use lớn fix this problem.

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The above solution is what works for most but in case it doesn’t do the trick for you, what you can bởi vì is, whitedanh sách the following domain under Chrome’s cookies. bởi that, open a new tab và enter the following in the URL bar;

chrome://settings/content/cookiesOn the Cookies window, click the Add button next to lớn the Allow section và enter the domain name mentioned earlier. Once it’s been added, Chrome will no longer pause syncing.

Multiple work stations

If you’re using Chrome sync on multiple work stations, you need to lớn make the above sầu two changes khổng lồ all of them. This problem can appear on any one of the work stations that you’re using Chrome & Chrome sync on so it’s best to apply it on all systems that use the same Google trương mục lớn sync.

This ‘bug’ surfaced towards the kết thúc of last year & it seems that sync is paused every two weeks on average. You might be signed out more often, or less often but two weeks is what most users note as an active sầu sync period.

When syncing pauses, you’re unable to access open tabs, newly added bookmarks, & the browsing history on the Chrome browser you added them on. Fortunately, once sync is turned baông chồng on, everything syncs the way it normally should have sầu.

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Parting words

Here’s a video tutorial for those of you still needing help to fix Chrome sync pausing and asking for a new sign in.

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