An email i sent was delayed or didn't arrive

Google"s Gmail is a fast, không tính phí và reliable service for sending and receiving email messages, but some conditions can cause a long delay when sending tin nhắn. This is especially the case for tin nhắn messages that include large attachments. It may be possible khổng lồ speed up your Gmail by changing some of your tin nhắn settings.

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Gmail has two modes of operation. The first is through its Web interface, where the display of messages & the composition of new gmail is done through a Web browser. You can also access Gmail from a dedicated mail application, such as Outlook on Windows or Mail on Mac OS X. In both cases, the tốc độ of sending messages will be dependent upon the speed of your Internet connection, but changing some settings in your browser or mail application may increase this tốc độ.

Including attachments và images will slow down the sending of gmail in all cases, because these files are much larger than the text in an email message. Most gmail messages are only a few kilobytes or less, because each character of an email message is a single byte of information. But images are regularly in the tens khổng lồ thousands of kilobytes (over a thous& bytes each), and an uncompressed attachment will be slightly larger than the file you are attaching. Attachments and images must both be uploaded to lớn Gmail along with your message, so you can speed up outgoing messages by using fewer or smaller images, or by forgoing the use of attachments. For example, if you upload files to Dropbox instead, you can send link to these documents, which are much smaller than the attachments themselves.

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When you send a message over Gmail using the Web application, Gmail provides prompts to lớn let you know when the tin nhắn has been sent. Sometimes, an tin nhắn may be sent more quickly than it appears khổng lồ be, if there is a delay in reloading the part of the page that changes the "Sending..." message to the "Sent" message. You can check whether an tin nhắn has been sent by checking Gmail in another browser window & clicking on the "Sent Mail" label.

If you are accessing Gmail through a dedicated gmail application, changing some of your gmail settings may increase the tốc độ of sending messages. Gmail provides multiple methods of authenticating with the service (which is the technical term for logging into your email), và some alternate methods may allow for faster connections. Cheông chồng the Google documentation for problems sending mail, and try changing some of these settings, especially those regarding secure gmail connections. cảnh báo that an insecure gmail setting may be faster, but as implied by the word "insecure," can also make your email visible to lớn other people on the network while your message is on its way to the Gmail servers.

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