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When new employees join the company, we"d like khổng lồ sover a warm personalized welcome email khổng lồ their new trương mục to lớn help them onboard smoothly. Aside from a generic "welcome to xxx organization" greeting, you can also inkhung new users of organization policies, service enabled for the users" organizational unit (OU), disclaimer notices, or further materials to lớn read etc.

In this article, I"m going to show you how Foresight can automate sending tailored welcome emails to lớn your new members. It will save you tons of time. If you have sầu yet khổng lồ install Foresight, kiểm tra out this quichồng start.

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Video Demo

Suppose 3 employees are hired. As subject matter experts from different fields, they will be assigned under 3 OUs.

New EmployeeOrganizational Unit
Deborah WorleyMarketing > Digital Marketing
Marsha LuperCustomer Support > Customer Service
Michael SinclairR&D > Engineering

The goal here is when they login into lớn their domain primary email, they expect a personalized welcome tin nhắn from a Google Workspace administrator. This video clip tutorial demonstrates how Foresight automation can self-navigate the emails once setup.

Instructions lớn your domain

The bird"s-eye view

First of all, figure out how many welcome tin nhắn templates do you need và how would you segment the users khổng lồ receive sầu those emails. In Foresight, for this article"s use case, an automation rule includes a User Created Trigger, a Wait action và an Email kích hoạt. It basically means when a user is created in the Google Workspace tên miền, wait for 60 seconds & sover 1 or more emails lớn this user and/or other people.

The Trigger has a condition builder so that you can segment user accounts to lớn receive different emails. The Wait action is literally asking the rule to delay certain time before executing next action (you may wonder why to lớn add a Wait action?). The Email action is nothing but a Gmail draft lượt thích interface with extra features.

Once automation rules are created, you only need lớn create users in Admin Console và the welcome gmail part will be done by Foresight. No more wasting time khổng lồ compose and skết thúc welcome emails manually over và over again.

Build an automation rule

In the Rules page, cliông xã
See an tin nhắn record in your Sent thư mục. Those personalized welcome emails will be in your Sent folder as well as in Google Vault if you enabled Gmail message retention. Your tin nhắn will be the first official welcome message in their inbox.


Q: How does the conditions in User created trigger work?

The conditions in the User created trigger filter và segment new users. Multiple conditions are implicitly joined by an AND ngắn gọn xúc tích. In another words, a new user sự kiện has to match all conditions in a trigger to lớn pass through the actions.

Q: Does it work with bulk user creation?


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Q: What are the variables?

Variables are undetermined placeholders representing certain information until the rule runs. For the User created trigger sự kiện, variables include but not limited khổng lồ, due lớn hàng hóa updates, the first name, last name of the user, the OU path and the primary tin nhắn of user.

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Q: What is the use of Wait action in this automation?

The Wait action is a workaround for a caveat of delaaaaaaaaayed welcome emails as reported by our customers. The original automation of User created => E-Mail => End causes an inconsistent 5-30 minutes delay showing up in the new user"s Gmail inbox.

Regarding this issue, Google sheds some lights,

It takes up to lớn 24 hours lớn propagate new services (Gmail), so it"s normal for messages khổng lồ get delayed when it comes lớn new users.

If you do not experience the delay or doesn"t worry about the delay, that"s great, keep the Wait time 60 seconds. Otherwise, extkết thúc the Wait time to lớn 120 seconds or more khổng lồ see if the issue goes away.

What"s more?

It"s fun to connect different components in Admin Console as well as Google Workspace apps to make work more efficient. You could connect rules in this article with rules in Create Google Workspace users by schedule, so new user accounts planned to lớn be added in a future date will automatically receive an welcome tin nhắn. I"ll also nội dung more actions in the following articles. Automate sharing a calendar / team drive lớn the new user, or assign the new user khổng lồ a group conditionally. Stay tuned!

Feel không tính phí lớn leave sầu your comments below.

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